DLC - How to purchase? - Xbox

I cannot seem to figure out how to purchase the DLC after the patch.

I thought maybe when you were selecting FEATS it would prompt you to purchase.

I looked around in the game, went to the main menu and checked the XBOX store.

Am I missing something?

I believe they are rolling it out in phases and not everyone will see the DLC in the Xbox Store right away. Just give it some time and it’ll show up sometime today. I believe that was the time frame they gave.

Here it is:

I would almost recommend hold off on it for now, it’s incomplete. There are no khitan NPC’s that can be seen, not even to be summoned by admin’s. That means you can’t make the exceptional/flawless versions of said gear.

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Thanks for this info @HoLibrae581

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You’re welcome!

That does not bother me. The building pieces and epic armor is there that the character can make at least for my game.

I agree with both of you, I plan on buying DLC and supporting the game 100% but I’m waiting until some of the dashboard crashes are addressed. In it’s current state it’s hard to play the game online for more than an hour at a time before a crash.

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