DLC Limit on console

Hello people, best regards from Germany.

hope i am right here.

I play on Xbox X and would like to support Funcom by purchasing the DLC’s. Unfortunately, it bothers me enormously that the content of the DLC is automatically unlocked. This unlocks too much and I can not find what I need forever. I often take the yellow lotus potion. He helps. :slight_smile: But the operation on console can be exhausting.

For the DLC would be much more pleasant if I could select which are unlocked and which are not. Especially the category handmade. You would only have to set, that you unlock it. It can still cost 0 points.

Hope you do that.

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the lack of organization in this games UI is awful in my opinion. ARK did a great thing by organizing things into “folders” so you weren’t isntantly assaulted by a screen containing everything you can make when you open an inventory. You had several folders which contained sub-folders, making things intuitive and easy to find.

It would also be nice if I could filter on objects similar to on PC by entering text. Best in every category, but at least in the handmade. The filter should then be active until I delete it. Erase should be possible with a single keystroke.

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