DLC slaves and special PETs

After the last super weak DLC you need to launch a really worthwhile DLC and make a difference in the game of whoever buys, we who have played for almost 2 years we do not have much else to do in the game, we can only capture slaves and they are very limited, alike and stationary.
We know what game you need is generating money, but we want DLCs that we really want to buy, you guys should make a DLC of slaves and special PETs, there would not come NPC slaves but a special “wheel of pain” and a “cage” that would create those slaves special.
For example you would put an ordinary cook NPC on the “special pain wheel” to make a domestic slave that distributes food and walk through the castle with a basket of food, would put a common dancer on the “special pain wheel” to create special dancers, with visual enhancement and special DLC dance animations, in the “cage” you could create unique DLC special animals, horses, dragons … you could include many new classes of slaves and animals on these 2 “wheels of pain” with absolute certainty DLC would have a huge acceptance and sale as it would make an incredible difference in the game and would add a lot to the gameplay of who to buy.

Not sure what you mean by “super weak”, the DLC introduced pet skins, another building style and very well designed gear as far as looks go.

Also I wouldn’t say those who were here from EA should be considered the life span of the game since it wasn’t considered a complete game at that time. We were vital in getting it ready with feedback and all but it’s not like they had time to relax and give us DLC type content in that time. The game has been out for less than a year, officially, and a lot has changed in that time.

That aside, I think unique dancer moves/appearances and more pet skins would be great so long as they don’t provide some superior benefit to players other than aesthetics.

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The DLC was on the light side

I did not question the evolution of the game, I love the game, but the wild DLC was super weak this is a reality, I hope the next DLC, whatever, is really, cheery, necessary and great, so players who buy all DLCs, like me, do not get discouraged!

Mh… I think it’s good for the DLCs to be optional. At least if they continue to be about racial skins and that kind of stuff over such suggestions.

On the other hand if Funcom was to sell some kind of addon-DLC meaning any else feature AFTER sorcery and city life (they already told the players that stuff from the EA-roadmap would be free in future) …

They might just as well sell a new map coming with more features too. Like a highly vertical map like the swungle just more extreme (and covering the complete map instead of portions) and thus coming with more features which would be locked to that map… (Like gliders?)

One of the sets is survival. Not well designed.

I’d say that’s more of survival isn’t well designed than the DLC’s fault for picking survival.

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