Dlc that its aesthetics does not match its temperature

I think they have been wrong in the approach of the new DLCI if we take into account that it is an aesthetic similar to the Arab countries (Persia I think) as it is possible for the cold? the same happens with the picto dlc that is northern thematic and is for the heat

Deserts at night can get cold.

Also, the cloth itself is thin and layered (if memory serves) it keeps you out of sun, but it breaths causes its thin.
And if your use to 100 degrees, and its not world ending.

People south of me, think 70 is winter cold and put on jackets… thats t-shirt and shorts weather for me. XD

Agreed, they need to revisit the temperature settings on the armor. I have been to (persia) and its not cold, not in the desert, not at night. I would suggest a zero temperature buff for all armor, but a set of under armor you can craft for heat or cold that would bind to the armor and thus we can decide if we want it to be a hot or cold buff on our armor.

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