DLC tileset dropdown menu doesn't remember its setting

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You guys added this very nice sorting menu, listing all the expansions in the top right of the inventory window. That’s great. You can go by theme, and you get only the expansion tiles from that particular DLC, without scrolling by hand to select them or typing in the search box.

The not so great: Once you close the inventory window, it doesn’t remember what you selected and you are back to the original problem. So I have to ask you guys what was the point of adding it in the first place? If I wanted a one time filter, I could just use the filter search box. It doesn’t remember a thing when you open it next time.

But if I specifically wanted to work within a specific tile set, the drop down box is great for that–I don’t have to select the tile set everytime I open the inventory because it defaults to unsorted. Nor do I have to type in what I’m looking for everytime, using the search bar.

So, whoever had the bright idea to remove the functionality of remembering that setting per play session, please change it back – it was badly needed – we already had the same functionality with the search and filter search box. Let the dropdown menu please remember what DLC we set it to so we don’t have to set it every single time we open the inventory window.

I know what you’re thinking – new players might get stuck in that window and not know to select “None” to get the entire list to show again. Then why not have a sticky checkbox next to the window, if you want the persistent feature? A new player will not check that by accident and us veterans can save a lot of time by using it, without getting stuck on the listing because we know we checked that persistent check box.

Or, just go back to the original format of the feature and have it remember what you selected. I mean… You have to select the DLC pack in the first place, so a new player will not get stuck in a DLC theme set by accident because they have already used the feature. Not only is it set to “None” by default, but in selecting a DLC theme, they would also have read “None” as an option in the dropdown list.

There is no point to this feature without it remembering your setting in a persistent way. We already have the search bar feature. Which does the same thing.

I was excited to have this feature! In its original incarnation, it was a time saver. Now it’s useless. I get a better listing using the search bar, even if I have to type.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Open inventory
2.Select a DLC pack from the drop down list.
3.Close inventory and get the necessary resources to craft it, say you forgot wood.
4.Open inventory again. Re-select the DLC pack from the drop down list. Find the piece again, and repeat ad infinitum, every time you want to put a new piece from the set on your bar. (It doesn’t remember your selection.)

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Hey @Tenzo

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll send your suggestion to our team so they can consider it.

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