DLC what does it give?

Hi I searched the net and struggle to get the info about the dlc or maybe I did just don’t believe it.

What do they give? Like does the first dlc for instance only give me items/buildings visuals and thats it ?
Are there any new enemies? bosse? map areas? etc
Or are all these DLC just visual updates?



Essentially yes. Some of the armors have sought-after attribute bonuses that (while available in the base game) can be harder to get the correct crafter for (since armor bonuses are inexplicably still tied to the armor visual, like it was 2005).

In all fairness, things like new bosses/areas/enemies are often added to the base game (Jhebbal Sag dungeon etc for example), available to all regardless of buying DLC or not.


What they give is clearly stated on the Official Conan Exiles Wiki:
:orange_book: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Downloadable_Content
They are non-cosmetic and players should find it logical, but I’ve changed up the introduction to clarify :wink:

The biggest advantage to DLC gear is that they are variants of the no name, exile and star metal clones. You can make them all flawless with any Tier 4 Thrall. In addition, they repair the same as flawless exile armors. (the no name versions with encumbrance bonus - Epic heavy versions use steel reinforcement to repair) So do all 3 current DLC heavy versions.

An example, if you want Flawless Cimmerian steel armor, you need either Zavek or Werk of the Lost tribe to make it. If you want Flawless Khitan Imperial, any and all armorers will have the recipe as soon as you get the DLC.

Yep, you pay up to $60 for the whole game, which includes A-LOT of stuff. But when it comes to some retextured items, it costs $10. :ok_hand:

  • vanilla/exceptional/flawless star metal axe
  • flawless star metal hammer

and armors of note

  • vanir settler armor without Njoror (khtian)
  • kambujan shaman armor without llarn or orqina (khitan)
  • unique heavy encumberance cold weather armor (khitan)
  • hot weather zamorian theif (aquilonian)
  • hot weather cimmerian fur without werk or zavek (aquilonian)
  • hot weather vanir heavy armor not requiring star metal (aquilonian)
  • shemite raider armor without Arcen (iirc) (pictish)
  • hot weather survival armor (pictish)
  • hot weather heavy strength armor (pictish)

as you might notice what the DLC really does for armor is that it removes the need to farm many named armorers for specific tasks and provides som unique abilities. You only need one named armorer to add them all. You get strength and vitality armors for combat and you get grit and agility armors for exploration and sneaking and survival and encumberence armors for farming. It’s all good and useful and provides some unique abilities as well as speeding up how quickly you can establish yourself on a aserver.

I got a lot out of the DLC packs. Like others have said I must admit that the armor is alone the advantage.
Easy to make and repair.

I have all three.

I’m not a fan of black ice. I’m not big on its looks. Having three building styles makes me happy.

I’m shocked that the pict version does not have javelins. But meh. I’ll live.

I like them all. Just wish the pict side had more playable items. I need more decore

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