DLCs getting ignored after release - compare to building mods

So there are several build mods (Stygian, Jungle and Northern Timber) to name 3 that I love right now. These mods keep updating and improving. New wall types, new roof types, pools, etc. They do these for free. The mods don’t come with armor and weapons, but there are other mods that do. So I guess what I’m hoping for is for Funcom to please consider continuing to improve their DLCs and add new creative building pieces over time.

Arena and Stables have some creative skins for pieces, like hay covered floor or sand covered floor. How great would it be to have other DLCs with some texture choices like that? Northern Timber mod now has snow covered thatch as an option. Stygian has a pool and two different wall textures. Jungle has tons of placables to fit the old stone ruins theme.

Funcom could look at some of these innovative options and add them into our existing DLCs. Heck, even if they made a DLC just packed full of additions to older DLCs, I’d pay. I just hope they are watching the modders closely for ideas.


:point_up: This! I might be a minority, but I’m willing to open my wallet to get updates to existing architectural styles.

Round pillars, vaulted ceilings, arched doors and windows, wedge stairs, double doors (or short gates, whatever you wanna call them), half-size walls, interior walls (i.e. same texture on both sides), etc.


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