DLCs not performing the way intended but battle pass content does?

I’m gonna be completely honest I think this was a disgraceful update I think hyping the update was abit of dramatic if all we got was DLCs that are not performing the way they were supposed to do but yet battle pass content fully available right? Lol no problems there lol ( pretty much robbed us ) now it’s all about when ever you guys decide to update the game which is in a week to a month right? Lol… yeah anyway just giving you the heads up there’s gonna be a lot of boycotting I highly suggest you make a live stream and apologize for robbing us really shocked how Microsoft past on this update it’s straight up mind blowing I’m sure you guys are away of the situation and respectfully I’m asking you to fix it or you won’t get any money for your battle pass… I don’t suck my thumb nice try :handshake:

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