DLCs suggestion - including DLC versions of common placeables

Wheel of Pain has been the same since the game has started, with all the new DLC content that has been added, I would love a Wheel of Pain that matched the building I put it in. Specifically, I would like an Aquilonian, Argossean, Frontier, Khitan, Turanian, and Stormglass version of the Wheel of Pain.

Additionally, DLC versions of the horse stables, wells, camp fires, Large Chest, and the Animal Pens would also be cool. Make it a special DLC, and I’m in :slight_smile: I know it costs time for your graphics people to make things so I have no problem with it being a new DLC on its own.

It would be something I would appreciate to give me more variety in how my buildings look.


I can’t speak for other players but as a user of “WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain” which brings good QoL (WoP stops if finished or out of food for example) and as long as DLC items can’t be modded, I would never buy nor use the DLC you’re suggesting.

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