Do blunted arrows work with thrall guards?

Will my thrall guards knock out enemy npcs with blunted arrows and a high grade bow or will they kill them like we do?

Why do you use a high grade bow instead of a lowest damage one you can get + blunted fitting + blunted arrows if your goal is to knock out enemy npcs?


That is what I do.

My question is if thralls also kill enemies with high grade bows or if different mechanics apply to them.

it will be the same mechanic , you need to put the lowest damage bow with blunted fitting on your thrall and stacks of blunted arrows ( beware that when the stacks are emptied , the archer thralls will shoot flinthead arrows if there is no other arrows in their inventory )


Thanks, hoped for different answer but seems like I was expecting too much.

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if you are thinking if this as a purge defense to capture thralls, then put 2 stacks. they will knock out most everything before they get to flint. Problem is if you have beasties then you will need to kill them by yourself and follower fighter.

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