Do EA players have to purchase the game again in release?

I’ve been playing this game over 1.2k hours since alpha.

Heard those who purchased EA don’t have to buy again in official release.
Is that true?

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Of course you don’t have to buy the game again if you already bought it in Early Access, so don’t worry : ]

You don’t have to buy again :grin:

Oh ok, EA is Early Access. I kept wondering what Electronic Arts had to do with this game. Playing an ignorant savage in Conan Exiles is what I deserve lol.


No, that is not true.

(EDIT: Yes that is treu, excuse me)

Are you sure? Everything I’ve read points to us not having to purchase a second time.

Excuse me “dont” you say.

I read over that.

No you do not have to buy Conan Exiles ever again.

Only if you want the Day One sword.

EA players have to purchase the game on release and then again after it has been downloaded and then again after character creation.

No EA player not only don’t have to pay again we get a armour recipe.