Do Funcom employees actually play this game?

I’ve been playing since early release, have over 2K hours in the game. I don’t think you Funcom employees actually play the game. Logging into your own private server and using Admin tools is NOT playing the game. Let me explain. You folks have some serious content missing, and it should have been caught by your internal testers long before release. Item 1-Crimson Lotus Flowers. They do not grind, they cannot be harvested with a sickle. Are you frickin kidding me? This is a 10 minute fix folks. You could have had that fixed had you actually played the game from 1 to 60 rather than just summoning everything. 2-No Derketo Priest spawn. Again, are you frickin kidding me? You show the Derketo avatar in your advertisement, yet you can’t even be bothered to have the actual thrall in the game that lets you summon the avatar? On top of it, thrall guards are bugged to hell and back, and your purges don’t work properly.
Your dev streams bragged about how your internal testing was plenty adequate to get the job done. You need to fire the person in charge of all of that then, because that person fell down on their job. It’s pure laziness that your employees cannot be bothered to actually test things for real before you decide to toss it out into the live servers.
As it stands, this was the first and ONLY Funcom product I will be bothered with trying at this point. A month into release and you can’t be bothered to even fix server stability. You sold far more copies of this game than you estimated you would, that is a huge financial windfall for your company. Yet you cannot be bothered to invest some of that capital into hardware upgrades so the servers can actually function? I am a huge believer in a company making a profit. But I think I am gonna be a part of the market force that tells your company that you aren’t good enough by just not purchasing anything else you come out with if you aren’t going to be bothered with fixing all the crap in this game that badly needs fixed.
You didn’t need a release party where you video it for all of us to watch. Instead, you needed to actually buckle under and do your jobs, not party like it’s the .com days. I don’t expect any Funcom employee to actually step in here and take responsibility for their lazy practices, nor do I expect them to explain themselves. If you are thinking of purchasing this game and trying it out, don’t do it until they fix the game. Not cool to give the player community LESS than you advertised.

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This question has been asked in the past and also asked in the Steam forums. I answered the post in the Official forums that they do play the game ‘incognito’ and one of the Developers responded with ‘confirmed.’

Case in point:

A player on one of the official servers complained about a bug in chat. One of the developers was on and asked them for more details in chat.

If you have issues or bugs, please report them in the appropriate platform forum for bugs.


Catti, I got that exact same answer on steam forum from Jens. It’s frankly a canned response, and makes me feel like you folks don’t care about this. It is very old news that crimson lotus flowers are not working, it’s been posted. It seems to me it’s a database thing, and is an easy fix. As for Derketo priests not having a spawn point, that is not a bug. There aren’t even derketo altars around for them to spawn at. I’m sorry, but these are just two examples of problems about this game that needed to be addressed by your testers before you rolled the game out. If you have people playing the game incognito, they would have easily found these bugs. If you want someone who can actually test this game for you and find all your problems, hire a real gamer to do it. There is simply no reason for you to release game trailers showing an Avatar of Derketo, when nobody in the game who isn’t using admin tools can even summon it. This isn’t me raging, this me, a customer, telling you that you are not giving me the product you advertised. I played early release for over 1600 hours of game time, and understood fully that I would run into a lot of bugs during that time. I also do not appreciate Jens locking my thread after he typed his canned response in Steam forums, without giving me a chance to respond to him. I would never treat my customers like that. I expect much better customer service from you folks. You aren’t addressing my problem in any real way. Is this really how Funcom treats it’s customers? Because I was looking forward to your next game, and would like to know now before I spend my hard earned money. Especially since there are quite a few new games coming who can hold my interest as well. You folks are in danger of losing my hard earned dollars, as well as my wifes, and our RL friends who play as well. And I am pretty sure we aren’t the only ones grumbling. I am just the vocal one who decided not to shut up about it. Please address me as a customer, and treat me as such, rather than giving me canned responses. If you need to do that via email or private messages, I am certainly game for that.

Have you even tried to report the bug?

Most of the bugs I’ve reported were fixed. I was one of the few running a Dedicated Private server on Testlive during the combat update. They were very quick to get some issues fixed.

If you’re going to call them out on things, without actually putting in the effort to meet them halfway. That makes you seem like a troll. You say you’ve got over 2k hours of game time and intimate knowledge of the game. So I’m going to put that to the test. Without testing (you can google all you want, you won’t find it), which attribute do Javelins and Throwing axes derive damage from?

I don’t know, and here is why. I don’t use javelins for damage, I use them to cripple someone who is running away. You haven’t put my knowledge of this game to the test at all. As for the crimson lotus flower issue, that has been reported and talked about in the official forums over and over again. They KNOW about it. The fact there is no Derketo priest spawns is also something they are well aware of. To put something in a game trailer (Derketo avatar), that people cannot actually have because the necessary component is not even in the game, smacks of false advertisement. My job is not to meet them halfway. I am the customer. When I hand you my money for a product, your job is to deliver to me that product as advertised. A troll would flame them endlessly over this, not ask them for honest answers btw. You seem like a fanboy with his head stuck in the sand.

An actual ‘customer’ who has been wronged would call it a loss and be on their way. But whatever. Berate them enough and they’ll show you the door for you.

I don’t agree with the OP’s methods but there is a point that was made being lost in the translation. There are a few things where it does seem pretty glaring that the development team is ignorant. Like their stance on archery(which is being changed from my understanding so at least they’re listening), there is at least 1 discernible bug with arrows overwriting weapons upgrades. Then arguments that Silent Legion armor is comparable to flawless epics, which most don’t currently have their armorer’s currently obtainable, and some flatout missing them entirely(like the Hyperborean Slaver armor and Freebooter armor). Obviously the crimson lotus issue the OP brought up, which is a necessary ingredient to more than a few potions and items.

Then on top of these things we have very very simple exploits that really need addressing, like infinite HP and Stamina, which should have been patched out within the first couple days, or at the very least in the exp nerf patch, but they’re still around.

I’m unsure how your response helps the actual problems that customers have reported. A customer is a customer - not a ‘customer’. If Funcom refers to their real customers as ‘customers’, then there is an inherent problem.

As @huckfarmer stated, if you advertise one thing, and deliver another - that’s called false advertising. It isn’t really something a customer should just say “oh well, I’ve been wronged” and call it a loss. If I purchase a burger from a fast food restaurant, and what they put in my bag wasn’t what was advertised and ordered, then I’ll be expecting them to make it right. I wouldn’t just call it a loss and bite down on my incorrect order. If that fast food restaurant then showed me the door for bringing up the problem with my order, you better believe I would never go back there again.

A company who tries to listen to their customers and attempts to rectify their problems perform actions such as Starbucks who have been mandating additional employee training to help prevent future incidents such as the one being shot through the news lately. Problems will always arise in life, but the response given to those problems is one of the best tests of character (individual or company).

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