Do i need to reset my attributes

This is ridiculous! My base continues to GROW which would not be a problem IF I COULD PLACE BUILDING PIECES in the openings!!! Seriously wtf??? Do i need to reset attributes?? I mean i seriously cant evan build sandstone pieces they are NOT in my crafting list. I Do NOT want to start a new game but if i have too than wtf ever. But please PLEASE can someone help!
I seriously LIVE in my room! I’m a 49 yr old male waiting on a heart transplant! I can NOT leave the house on a regular basis like most and besides physical therapy, art and music my xbox games are all that keep me sane!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So please this is driving me :bat::poop: crazy

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The building system has changed with the 3.0 Update.

You now need to construct a hammer for building things.

I hope that helps.


Construction hammer takes a bit to get used to but alot of people like it.

Thank you. Now it makes sense! Will take a bit to get used to but no big deal. Thank you!:pray:

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