Do I need to wipe my solo/single char?

Just have an small house 6x6 with a bed, a candle, and outside a furnace, armorers bench and carpenter bench.
Will be better to wipe my char? I started this one 4 days agoI have played early access for about 300 hours so I dont feel like discovering the desert places again.

The wipes are just so new players and EA players will be on the same footing when the game launches. I don’t see why anyone would need to start over on singleplayer.

Possible bugs? Anyway I dont think in my case can be bugs cause I have not done almost nothing apart from exploring.

I’m like you. I started again about a week ago, have about 300 hours like you from before and have a small base I’m building. Dang, it’s like an alternate universe lol.

In the worst case you’d need to use a potion to respec your feats and discard your gear and make new, if they tweak the gear/weapons too much and the old ones retain the old stats… just to play with up to date stuff.

I’ll probably do just that instead of restarting… since I did restart anew too, a couple of weeks ago.

The correct answer to your question is “No, you do not need to wipe your single player game. If you are playing the live version, there have been some changes to the map that may affect the location of your base.”

Personally, I have been playing the same game with the same game.db since last April.

I just started a week ago, but restarted many times. I find that each time I restart I get faster and more efficient, so what took a whole day when I started now takes just 15 min and I can pretty much get a decent “defensible lowbie base” set up in about 2 hours with enough space for tables, chests, a minor wheel of pain, etc. I learned a lot about what doesn’t work in base construction, lol.

So if you do have to restart don’t worry about it - you will definitely be 10x faster when you do it again.

Like I remember the first toon I made searching for hours for intelligent life, lol.

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Took me forever to learn how to light up my campfire!

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