DO NOT MERGE 3731! 700 hour base will be destroyed!

I think giving a damn is exactly why they’re doing it. It probably just doesn’t feel that way to you at a the moment.

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So 3506 will be merged soon also. Please explain to me what will I lose? I’m not concerned with builds. But thralls and RSS. Will I lose all of that? 3 years worth of gathering and saving will hurt. And why about weapons collected

I get that, I am not trying to stop the merges, I am trying to save my base by providing a solution. Why assume I am being selfish or inconsiderate of everyone else in the process? The server I am being moved to has 0 players active the 4 times a day I have looked over the past week. They are doing a generic merge that as far as I can see. The merge doesn’t even have to do with the data they supposedly are collecting to make it “fair”. I have known since day one this wouldn’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean it has to end now. Has no one ever fought for anything here? I am asking them to take the empty server that I am being moved to and move it into mine is all…


All placed thralls are gone. Any thralls in storage can be taken. Basically any inventory item can be taken from what I understand. You have an inventory cap regardless of perk at 200 plus hotbar stuff. Choose wisely what stays and what goes thinking of the long game… (also make sure you have a storage vessel when you land so that you can drop your stuff and can build your new home).

Tips I have on this.

Use chests vs vault. I know you think that vault stores more but you can stack 100 chests in the same spot as one vault. Plus your target server is looking for vaults and probably primed and ready to crack them open. Go small and hidden.

Encumberance 5 perk is a must. Regardless how you get there…you need encumberance 5 to quickly move out.

Don’t forget tools. In the heat of saving everything precious, you can error and not ahve collection tools.

Horses sounded good but meh. Yeah sounds great to get a horse in there but you will be overencumbered and the horse is worthless at that point. They are easy to get; Stables are cheap. There is no advantage to plopping a horse down right away. Plus it’s a big giant thrall following you. They are very easy to spot especially when they boost the zoom to get to you.

Scout ahead with new character. Find your best path before you even land on the sand. Just remember to recreate the character before you transition. No reason to risk a snafu on FC transfers because you wanted to test if the merge promises work.

Remember it’s not just about rare items but things that are dang difficult to make at first. Yeah Star metal ingots are really important but they are easy to farm and create…now hardened leather? Yeah that is a beast if you don’t have the oil at your fingertips.

Do get stubbornly commited toward your original plan. Be adaptable and if one aspect fails, pivot to something similar. This is just a general life skill, IMHO. It will keep you sane.


I got my 4k hour base admin wiped some time ago and was very upset, but it meant fresh building , new ideas and remember, nothing on here is for eternity.
Don’t get too attached to that stuff :slight_smile:


Prolly not an unreasonable request to the minds of most individual players… I highly doubt FC will consider it tho. So, you can ask, but… :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically this is worse than fence stacking. So be careful, you may get a dev wipe if reported. All that data in one spot can cause issues, or that is what they said about fence stacking and why they removed it


Our game ends the day they close our server. We are done.
I bet we are not alone


Doing the same…

Funniest thing: Was on right now with some old mates, to talk about old times and currently we are still 8 players on the server. And most of them are lvl14-17 (2 clans). Another is 52 :smiley:

Yeah it is obvious they didn’t look at any data. The server I am moving too has been empty for 2 weeks now but not mine. They are doing a generic merge based on what physical server you are on and that is it. I even wrote them a ticket which has been ignored for 2 weeks now. This company is known to be lazy and frankly not give a crap about its customers. Just look at Secret World and Age of Conan. They showed the same competence with those games and they lost all their player base there too. They keep one server on to handle the 20 people that play and call it a day, now it is Exiles turn. If they “had more people and doing well” they would not be doing this. They will lose a lot of people from this and that is all on them.

Who is looking forward to their butchering of the Conan franchise with their new 4 year old friendly mobile looking pos game Conan Chop Chop SMH coming out next? You guys want to support a good game and company go try Valheim (hopefully coming to Playstation soon). Funcom is just a waste of time these days.


i have played this. Good game, good baseline mechanics, but honestly needs some serious npc injection, as it is more of a tranquil solo style game that can get even more repetitive than CE.

The placard stopped showing up when I sign in. Is that a sign, or do they only show you it a few times?

They did take down the log in warning. I hope this is good news and they are reconsidering or doing a more focused merge that will actually effect less players. Again, this is FunCom we are dealing with though and they are not known to be very customer friendly. They could of taken it down simply to get people like me to shut up. I remember the first year they did the extended timers for summer they just turned the short timers back on without warning.

Not sure if they reenabled the notification, since i haven’t logged in in day or so , but apparently they had some trasfer issues they needed to fix. They now updated the list with the new shutdown dates.

Trimming official servers - #994 by Pliskin?

If all you’re doing is just logging in once a week to refresh your decay timers, then perhaps it would be a good idea to get out of that stagnation and start on a new build. I also doubt that they do not do their due dilligence before deciding which servers to merge, and I do not think it is far-fetched to say that they probably have access to much more data than you do.

I do think it is rather arrogant to ask that you should be spared from the hassle of rebuilding, I mean… why should you be singled out and given special treatment simply because you have a huge build? I have limited time to play, as well, but I didn’t create such a fuss when I got the notification that I had to rebuild. Server merges have been happening and I think most other players have considered the possibility that theirs might be next, I certainly did and was mentally and emotionally prepared when the time eventually came. Server merges are not a bad thing and we should really not get this attached to virtual assets. Especially since we are given ample time to prepare, and can transfer over with over-encumberance. This is a decent compromise and makes a new journey that much easier, since we get to do all that on the character we’ve spent time levelling.

Out with the old, in with the new. Nothing in this game is permanent. It is Conan Exiles, after all. I would take it as a blessing in disguise and simply build with fresh eyes. Take the building experience you’ve acquired over 4 years and apply it anew. Don’t be afraid of a new adventure.


Yeah, the central premise of the game is to escape the island :desert_island: - which BTW, destroys everything including your character. :wink:

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You can’t comprehensively read this thread, then decide to falsely criticize me (based only on what you must have skimmed through and misinterpreted), then follow it up with some condensending advice and you call me arrogant?

I am trying to get the devs attention and figure out a resolution. No where do I even suggest I should be treated different. I am not asking they screw over others for my sake. I am not the only person on this server and am simply asking they take a closer look and merge empty servers on to this one so no one gets affected. If they cant or I am wrong so be it I will move on. Why cant people fight for anything anymore without being selfish and then called out for it?

Why do so many of you think you know everything and need to go tell people how it is on forums? You can’t even do it without name calling. The only reason you do it is to feel good about putting someone in their place, or so you think anyway. This has nothing to do with your opinion that you so clearly present as fact. So please go elsewhere to attack and criticize people if you need that ego boosted so badly.


They are going to do it any way. Thats what they do.

I disagree, 700hrs to some people is a massive amount of play time. Not everyone can spend 10hrs a day playing or have as much free time as others might. What might be not much to someone might be a lot to someone else. User you brain!

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Where are the pictures then

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