DO NOT MERGE 3731! 700 hour base will be destroyed!

Yeah I’m sorry mate. I don’t think Funcom will change their minds. Best be prepared.

From all this, my clan and I are very unmotivated, my clan is falling apart, we are waiting for the transfer of the server that never arrives. There is no day for the transfer and now pure rats come to loot, no one has the courage to defend, or build with such and everything is perfected at some point, my clan that we played every day, you are already playing other games practically abandoned the conan, no one wants to build or collect anything anymore, since in this arduous wait for whether we will lose the server that we have dominated and maintained in three years of play. this is what they are achieving by losing their loyal players. Right now I’m online and I don’t know what to do. I take the opportunity to see the forum and write my discontent.


I can set you up on my pvp server but everyone a farmer and I keep the peace lol

Tbh they should just wipe all the servers point blank PERIOD if it can help with making the game better optimized and help them figure stuff out, they should at least server wipe every 6 months especially before an update to make things smoother

Fatal idea.

What is? Restarting all the servers? I think they have to at this point . 3 years without any server resets. Probably why half the servers all and don’t perform well. They need to wipe them every 6 months atleast and make them into seasons , with like season passes where you come up with new objectives to get a dlc or something and add events

… and its gone. A moment of silence for 3731. My wife and i managed to get most of our stuff out before it closed. But the years of slowly building up are gone. Not sure either of us has it in us to give it another go. We both lost an alt in the moving process. Im sure we can get them back with a quick message to zendesk. But ugh. It just doesnt feel worth the time anymore.

I feel like when it comes to server mergings it makes 0% sense to merge an active with an empty one. Also there are other players . Personally i like mostly empty servers because an entire island being used up by many established players leave no room for new players . Good thing you can pick up most things these days . Though i get you . I wouldn’t wanna loose a big base. So glad i only take up the space i need . That’s just me .


We lost everything in this forced relocation.

Wipe servers that folks have been on for years, just makes them leave.

We know