Do roads "conduct" decay refresh? Or is it render range refresh?

I have this guy on the PvE server who lays foundations from one end of the map, to the other end of the map.
He claims he’s doing everyone a favor by building roads to protect them on their journey…

My question is, do roads conduct a decay refresh on all things connected to it, regardless of render distance?

Because if so, i’m afraid the game is going to look like this soon:



Pave the planet!

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The PS4 crowd seems to be thinking in the right direction, for PvE ?


That sounds like something that ought to be a mod. Not every server needs that sort of restriction.

Official issues affecting private servers is getting rather old. We lost orbs because of duping issue on official, it was not an issue on private (those who exploited it were banned). And we don’t need a system imposed on us that limits building.

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Very good point.

Perhaps just making decay refresh a render based trigger like on ARK, as they would have to run along the entire map to refresh their junk once every 4 days. Especially since you can only put down 1 bed, and once that person starts using map rooms, they might realize why everyone hate them for building roads.

I don’t disagree with your idea. But I have to play devil’s advocate.

Some servers run very large structures for whatever purpose. And it wouldn’t be great for them to be forced to have to maintain them in such a matter.

I understand the issue this has effects with on unmoderated servers. But anything that causes restrictions on private servers or unneeded work on them should be carefully considered.

Its almost getting to the point where the best solution might be to deviate the branches. Official has its own version of the game compared to private. Already due to how Official servers work, they are entirely two separate games at this point.

Ya know, the more I play the more it feel like Single Player is the best option now that I have properly “played the game” and “earned my wings”.

On official servers, the pleasant folk come and go. It’s only the cockroaches that seem to stay, squeezing out every ounce of fun they can from griefing.

And i respect unofficial servers, but on a personal level, I just can’t bring myself to trust the longevity of unofficial servers. What admin derives fun from a lot of work serving other’s and listening to the whining about losing this and that to this and that mod? How do admin find satisfaction when they can’t find legitimacy on all that they do, if people know they own the server and have access to the admin panel?


Having played on private servers and even helping admin at least one. Its all based on trust. As any relationship is. On official, you don’t have an admin. Not one that plays. Just a dude staring at a dozen or several dozen UI’s that manage the virtualization.

In a private server they play alongside you, chat with you on discord. They’re more than admins, they’re members of the community. In many cases they can even be friends.

I understand the concern about longevity. And that’s been an issue I struggle with since the last server I played on ended simply because the funds for it dried up. Still friends with many who played there and still friends with the admins that ran it.

It becomes more about the connections you make with people rather than the connections you make with buildings or items.

When you say official has decent people who move on, and leave the cockroaches behind. You move with the people. Either to another server or even other games. But for me, and I can only speak for myself here. I play multiplayer games for the social aspect of it. I have a dozen unplayed single player titles in my steam library. Waiting for a rainy day that may never come.

So when I play Conan, even when I’m running clanless just dinkering around. I’m chatting with others, making connections, having fun, and making those connections.


I’m a materialist. Therein lies my problem.

I play online, because I can’t use the admin panel. It’s more “real” and valuable that way. But I don’t wanna lose my stuff either, which is why I won’t try unofficial servers.

official sux… but there is something to be said about it’s consistency and longevity. They are simply maintained, unconditionally… kinda like mother nature.


I was on a Dedicated PVP 1X Vanilla yesterday and had a persistent bad login with the bloodframe and the half health and the hey hey hey it hurts me – so I logged back in with rapid succession. During one of these, all the trees reappeared around my buildings and it dawned on me how much of an impact I’d made on my part of the jungle. I like to think of myself as a considerate builder, careful with resources, etc.

Picture the Italian-American weeping icon, Iron Eyes Cody from the PSAs of the 1970s, whenever I see the road you posted in your OP.

It will be important to observe what happens to the landclaim once the road is completed. I appreciate your observations so far, Halcyon. Thanks as always!


On ARK you can make custom paintings on Canvas, and set that up in game. I’d totally use this guy.


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