Do Saddles Currently do Anything?

Hello all,

I have been trying out different saddles and I am trying to figure out if there is just something I am not seeing. Various saddles have tags for “Defense”, “Speed”, or “Maneuverability” but I am not sure if any of these are doing anything. I would think these buffs, if that is what they are, would appear in the “Effects” section, but they do not. Nor do I see any stat increases from the saddles… no even armor. Armor rating stays the same no matter if it is light, medium, or heavy saddle.

So, bottom line, I was just wondering… do they actually even do anything at the moment other than allow you to ride a horse? Since for, some unknown reason, ■■■■■■■■ is not a thing that is allowed.

Thanks, and looking forward to any feedback.

Okay, first… no one has any input or insight on this subject?

Second… did the forums really stop me from say b a r e b a c k? Seriously…

Yes, there are light, medium, and heavy saddles. However, so far as I can tell, they do not do anything. Except allow you to ride the horse.

This topic is currently being discussed in PC bug reports:

I’m going to link 2 videos that may answer your questions and yes the saddles make a difference.

One from @Firespark81 channel.

And one from my channel.

I have found the Defense saddles make handling and cornering similar to a turning a large boat.

Maneuverability improves the ride better than speed, which is a vast improvement over defense.

In combat, sometimes it’s better to be able to move than take a hit.

Thanks for the vids. I haven’t finished watching Firespark’s yet, but it’s a great thing that he set up a proper test. I noticed that the speed saddles make my horse use up its stamina faster, but I hadn’t realized that it also moves faster too. Apparently it’s a trade-off: moves faster, but lasts less.

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Drift that horse. Press directly right or left and watch that tight turn.

Here’s a question: the only way I’ve been able to do a noticeable drift is by getting up to gallop speed, then pressing back and turn at the same time. Is there a better way that doesn’t require so much windup and/or doesn’t rob me of momentum quite so much?

And I apologize if that’s an unrealistic expectation – I’ve only ever ridden one horse in my life, for about 15 minutes, with a guide, no galloping involved and I was sore for the rest of the day :rofl:

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I drift pretty good 180s in my medium (defense) armor. I will try out a maneuverability set and speed set tonight. I haven’t actually tested them all in action. I had just equipped them all on the horse and was expecting some visual in the horses details that something had increased, same as we get when we put on armour.

Both video are really interesting. For jousting the heavy saddle is the best because it gives the most protection. While for mounted combat the Aquilonian saddle that gives the best manoeuvrability seems the best.
Does the weight of the armour wore by the rider impact on the horse manoeuvrability / speed outside being over-encumbered ?

I’m on Xbox, but I notice a considerable difference in speed when using the scout saddle vs the other two types.

Haven’t really brought Glue (my horse) into much combat, as most of my time has been spent using him to run from the on to my old base to gather items to transfer back, then dismissing him so that he will be back at my old base ready for the next run, since I am way too encumbered to ride him back. Riding him through the swamp is nice, it lets me avoid spiders and get to my old base faster, making him mildly convenient. It’s the only use I have found for a mount so far.

I didn’t notice much of a difference on the Calvary saddle, but didn’t use it for long.

Oh, forgot to mention I haven’t used the basic saddles, just dlc scout/Calvary/war saddles.

On the key board simply let go of W (forward) and press A or D (left it right) your horse will do a tight turn (drift) I can be done at slower speeds but is most noticeable at gallop speed.


I have practiced the art of spear fighting (Black Dragon Pike) from horse back. I gallop in and spear/trample them as I ride by. Then I pull a 180 and hit them again.

Love it!


Looks just as awesome with a Predatory Blade. Run by, slash, turn around, do it again. I especially like doing it in a figure 8 pattern.

Another fun thing to do: kill the Red Mother by repeatedly hitting her with the lance. Much slower than using a thrall or even soloing her on foot with Venom-Infused Daggers, but man, it’s FUN :smiley:

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I was fighting a three skull scorpion the other day and I was working a tight circle around it, keeping it on my left. I wasn’t in a gallop, just a nice easy canter and stab, stab, stab… poor thing didn’t know what to do. It just kept spinning around trying to catch me.

I was laughing my ■■■ off the whole time.

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I had – and still occasionally have – a really hard time aiming the lance. It’s fixed horizontally, but you can aim it vertically. Problem is, the reticle is imprecise and there’s no other visual indicator of where the lance is pointing, so it’s perfectly possible to miss even though everything looks like you actually hit.

Also, I think they should add a tiny bit of lag compensation, because it often happens that I’m aiming at the skeleton or an NPC and it looks like a perfect hit, and then the next second the game updates the target’s position and I’ve missed it completely. It feels like I’m back in the elementary school, playing with other kids and going through the whole “I got you” - “Did not” - “Did too!” thing :wink:

But for fighting massive things like adult dragons, mammoths, and such, it’s good enough :slight_smile:

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