Do Strength Perks apply to Ranged Weapons too?

Do the perk bonuses in strength like 25% more damage to targets affected by negative effects apply to bows as well and vise versa with accuracy perk bonuses to melee?


I does. If you can get the 40 accuracy perk, +50% armor penetration, you will notice a increase in your damage dealed with melee weapons, too. Since that, i abanndoned the spiked weapon fitting and max out plain damage on weapons with impoved weapons damage kit while going for 40 accuracy with raider armor set, potion and warpaint. :+1:

As others said, yes.

And just a FYI, even though its a bit off topic. The damage of bows and arrows as well as their respective armor penetration values are separate. Neither are added together.

When you equip a bow and look at its damage under stats, it adds the damage together with the arrow. But that’s not how damage is applied to the target.


No. I believe it’s an average of the bow and arrow damage. So 18 + 18 = 18, but 20 + 10 = 15.

To an NPC? 36

18 from the bow, and 18 from the arrow.

Armor Pen only applies in PVP and against Thralls with armor on. NPCs (including thrallable ones that haven’t been tamed) do not have armor.

The discrepancy happens when you attack someone in armor. If the bow and arrow have different armor pen values, you won’t see the added damage the same way as you do in PVP.

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