Do the admins ever remove griefing?

On Official server #1974 PvP - g - Revision (#255795/26931 the main brimstone spawn at Shattered Springs has been completely covered in foundation spam for over 2 months. Myself and others on the server have reported this through the official method via contacting the funcom support staff. we have received responses from them saying that they will look into it. Still there grief has yet to be removed after a week. The tribe responsible don’t even play and login just to talk trash and to reset the decay timer at the brimestone spawn.

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its like pvp realms bring out the worst in people. PvE conflict / pve servers on official seem to be a lot better.

…and it brings out the worst people, too!


That server is filled with so many people cheating its just the purist form of the definition “miserable”. The level of griefing and meshing isn’t be sold enough to explain how badly that server is suffering.

The brim lake, i looked at it was just a massive “I hate the world” spam.

Worth noting that several people have been perm banned from the game that often would cause issues on that server. One of which was seen on there back again.

It’s actually so farking aids. idk why you can even build on the main brimestone spawn on pvp servers anyway. Should be unbuildable like the thrall camps and boss caves/cities

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Well its very complicated engineering process. You see its very difficult to grab a Sandstone Foundation and go to key areas of interest that players depend on for main pathway recipes in entire skill & resource tree system to then ascertain whether or not these areas could be abused or blocked by toxic members of a community.

Hmmm…what…so you just have to open the game and run there and try… pft… as if Funcom game developers would even open the game to do that… lol… you’re just crazy talk now.

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Shame they don’t play their own game tbh, they have no farking clue how trash it is. Not sure why they say they enforce rules against griefing and even have an official way to report it yet do absolutely nothing. No wonder players keep dropping. Also the new update didn’t even fix under mesh at all. legit just did it hahaha

Build a catapult, aim it at the corner of their base. Once you destroy a small segment of their base, build a nice tower AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to prevent them from rebuilding said corner the way they like. That will really piss them off. Then, just aim at whatever houses their storage, ruin their game. That’s what a PvP server is all about. I don’t play on PvP because of the effort it takes to combat trolls. But, that’s what PvP is in Conan Exiles.

The clan in question has no base the dude just went on to the serve spammed the brim lake and just logs in to refresh it … there is a lot of t3 land claim plus the server is filled with mesh / cheaters so not even able to get a god up because bases don’t last long

I think they actually got banned lol, it’s clean now. Just a mass Chinese zerg causing trouble now

I honestly think Funcom should take a hands off approach to this tactic on PvP servers.

Many people call this “griefing” but actually it is nothing more than a “scorched earth” strategy. It is no secret that destroying a valuable resource can be quite effective in war.

I see this tactic used more on servers where alpha clan(s) dominate and it is not the alpha clans doing it. It is the smaller clans and solo players doing it and why is that? Because it limits the bomb production of the alpha clans. In an open-world sandbox PvP game, I honestly don’t see a problem with this scorched earth strategy.

He who controls the spice controls the universe.
He who controls Brimstone lake controls how much “salt” flows forth from a server :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be fine if they had official servers that actually wipe clean say every year or so. You would have 0 hope if an alpha has played since launch and has locked down the main brimstone spawn with foundation spam. You couldn’t produce anywhere near enough bombs to raid it, they could just rebuild each time the pvp timer goes off and then completely wipe you. Keep in mind many alphas have duped back in the day so they literally have unlimited supplies. The new anti mesh doesn’t even work properly either so plenty of it is safe under the map. It’s just a toxic setting to have one main spawn of arguably the most important resource for raiding/building/ many other things.

The other thing is that the people who were doing this didn’t actually play besides logging in to reset the grief/ ad random additional tier 1 foundations mixed in with the t3s

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