Do they exist, or dont they?

hiya! :slight_smile:
im thinking of buying the game! BUT i need to get a one thing straight first.
can a player use mounts?
ive searched on google and i always get mixed answers, like on one website someone wrote “sure, you can tame and ride whatever you want!” and on another website they said “nope, not possible, and never will be”

No, no mounts in this game. Not likely to change, either.

okay ^^ thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Game is good without mounts, I would get it if your wallet can afford it. It is definetly a game worth playing as it is right now. Bugs and all, worth it. Also depends on your likings of course, but I’d say for mounts are not really that necessary considering you can cross the map east-west and north-south quite quickly once you get familiar with it.

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