Do Thralls have favorite weapons and/or armor?

I don’t really see anything on the Wiki outside of Entertainers and Archers wielding daggers and bows. When I’ve tried to equip fighters with battle axes and shields and place them in their hands they don’t take them and they stay in their inventory.

I’m also curious if there is a way to have them hold their weapons when on guard. Some foghters will hold 2-handed weapons but when I log back on for my next play session they’ve put them back in their inventory and I have to put them in their hands again.

Same goes for some of the armors I’ve crafted for them. Some will wear the heavy armors and keep them on but others will be back in that 1st level cheap fiber cloth when i log back on. I understand the working Thralls always wear that cheap looking stuff and we can’t change it but I thought the Archers and Fighters could be done up in cool gear.

Thanks in advance for any input. I’m a Solo Offline Xboxer if it matters.

Yes and no.

some test show yes, they like preferred weapons, but yet sometimes you get the thrall that will go bats…t with anything you put in their hands.

Know it doesn’t help, but in general most people put 2H or Spear, as they seem to be the most consistent when it comes to Thralls using Combos.

Levels do matter, a named is always the best, and 2 areas provide the ones with the most HP (Sep City, and the Volcano).


They should not be lsogin the armor. This is a bug. Report it in the bug section, with server type, console/pc, etc. give as much info as possible.

They normally do not pose with teh weapons. they only pull them out if in combat.

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Another resource to be aware of is arrow usage and throwing weapon usage.

If you equip high level arrows to bows, they will shoot the entire stack. not good because they will be wasteful even if enemy is gone or dead. And if they run out, they default to flint stone (infinite amount) Throwing weapons the same way. They will throw the stack, and not really use the combos with the 1h.

For archers, a lot of people equip daggers as a CQ weapon. that way if something runs up too close, they get bleed stacks, and players normally retreat to heal, allowing the archer to start firing again.

Thanks. I recently scored my 1st 2 named Thralls In Freys and Galter. I don’t do too much combat and prefer the Pets system over the Thralls (I really prefer to call them Friends or Companions) and focused on those for Crafting stations. I have hoarded a few cabinets worth of workers and branching out for those that can man some of the smaller bases I have around the map.

Freya is a good early game thrall to have, don’t know too much about Galter.

I envy you, as i have been pulled to the dark side of official PVP servers, and can’t really enjoy the early game experimenting :confused: Maybe one day, i will just retire, and slow grind it for once :slight_smile:


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