Do threads with negative themes have constructive uses?

I saw a recent post closed by the moderators because it was deemed to have “no constructive use.”

I think negative threads and posts, while not always constructive in tone, can have great value as a means of showing the temper of the community (or parts of the community) on a topic.

For example: the vehemont rejection of the planned thrall feeding system by the vast majority of the community, as seen in numerous recent threads, is a clear indication of the popularity of the plan.

Devs should be able to use both positive and negative threads and topics to guide their development decisions. While surely there are trolls out there just trying to hurt the game, I gather that most posters, positive and negative really do want to see Conan Exiles succeed and endure.


The one problem is that some threads can sadly devolve into mud slinging competition where neither side will listen to the other as it does not fit the other sides view especially with what has been happening recently.

As that is why i took the opportunity to create a thread in suggestions to see what people think can be done to improve the thrall feeding mechanic once it is on testlive as to have people put out creative ideas as well as read others ideas as to create a bridge that will help unite this community over this divide.

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Negative feedback is important, yes. However, there is a distinct difference between constructive criticism and outright “noise” that doesn’t really add to a discussion or to a topic. The most helpful kind of criticism or complaints explain what a player doesn’t like and why they don’t like it; if something is buggy, a clear and concise description (or better yet, a video) on how to reproduce the issue is awesome.

It’s true that we’re all ultimately in this together and all people of all walks of life have different ways of expressing their views, frustrations, et al. It’s our job to work to filter through that and distill that into valuable information, but sometimes a line needs to be drawn, especially if the tone or language ends up spilling over into the abusive side (or just making outright false accusations).

For example, saying “I don’t like this system because [insert specific reason or anecdote]” is perfectly acceptable and fine. Saying “I don’t like this system, and Funcom are a bunch of liars and scammers, ded gam” is not helping anyone. :wink:

If you have any concerns about how we or other moderators are handling these forums, please DM me with a precise example and we can talk. Thanks!


I am sorry but from what I saw everything that has no answer and it’s asking you guys, about what you guys gonna do about certain bugs… everything negative gets silenced and that is happening fast. You just don’t wanna let people to express thinking that this will help you to not offer to the people a playable game (since it’s not at the current state). But this will just gather more justified rage instead and more people will reconsider to spend their free time in a game which offers them satisfaction and better assistance if they come across a problem! Negativity will persist as long as all the player base gets from you are more dlcs and redundant changes into the game structure without any fixes for the bugs which are sitting with us for more than 1 year some… I think people wanna express their justified frustration and taking this from them will just add more salt to the wound… just sayin’ :wink: Have a good one!

People are welcome to express their thoughts as they wish. But if they’re just going to be rude or abusive or otherwise break the rules, they’ll face the consequences. That’s all :slight_smile:

Your post is a good example of constructive criticism and feedback. That’s great! Thank you for your input, and I understand why you may disagree with our view and practices. And that’s okay! We can use this information and work towards making things better.


If it was the one about “where are all the players” kind of topic…
Well it really had no real value -> no constructive use.

Even going into the direction on telling about new and really popular games/addons wouldnt help that - though that would at least hint at the fact that those people might come back again.
And reminding them about the number of really bad bugs which got introduced with the launch client wouldnt have helped neighter…

The reasons why people might have left this game seem quite clear to me.
However, the same applies to me when thinking about each and every single release of some game/addon having exeeded the expected rush on it.
Every. Single. Time.
Those Publishers must have gotten the sale numbers. They knew.
Same applies to Conan Exiles. (As the same line had been stated.)

The reason for that?
Gamers are a fickle folk.
They will say “nah! never gonna play that game again! it suxxxxx!!!1!!”. Half year later: “Ohhhh hyyypeee, new addon, it will be soooo great!”. One month later: “WEEEEH IT SUUXXXXXXXX!..”
Rinse & repeat.

But always expect a ton of past customers to join back in. Whatever title you might be wondering about. That applies even more on early access stuff going through full launch. It’s thoughtless to have seen dozens / hundreds / tousands releases of other games going that way and then expect the own game to have something else happen to it…

As that last point is something which ticks me off a bit, I should join in on those games/addons one or two months later… But gamers are a fickle folk… :wink:
I wanna play! :crazy_face:

Ew. I totally went offtopic, didnt I? :crazy_face:

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Frankly, no criticism can be constructive if the recipient wont listen. Funcom is intent on killing this game, nobodies criticism no matter how mild will help fix the problems in this game.

For example, in AndyB’s post, where the nice criticism is fine and acceptable but the mean comment isn’t helping anyone. NEITHER comment is helping anyone because Funcom won’t listen to the community. How long have we reported the same bugs and made the same suggestions? It’s pointless.


Not true. My comments and topics always get closed or deleted. And no they dont always start out as “noise”. What happens is basically if you have anything at all negative to say about the game then it gets deleted or closed. And there is NOTHING you can do about it. It is their forum. They can do as they wish here. Problem is that people have legitimate gripes about the game. But for every 3 then you get someone on here that thinks what they are doing is the greatest thing in the world. Which in turn gives them the right to delete negative comments or what they deem negative. It is kind of pointless even saying anything anymore.


Conversely, this is a great example of the kind of feedback that doesn’t really do anything for us. Sure, you’re welcome to vent and that’s what forums are for. But saying we want to kill our own game? C’mon.

It’s a shame you feel that we aren’t listening to folks. We read pretty much everything on here and we work to react to issues you all report. We can’t respond to every single thread and reply and we can’t implement every single suggestion that pops up, but I don’t think it’s fair to say we don’t listen.

It’s also outright fallacy to claim we’re somehow ‘intent on killing this game’, which goes back to my old point about how making false accusations don’t help anyone :slight_smile:

You’ve had like 2 posts flagged and removed :stuck_out_tongue: There’s barely been any recent action taken on your posts, so thanks for leveling out your tone and language. Your recent activity suggests very little of your content needed to be moderated. Again, there is a big difference between “negative commentary” and just outright being abusive or rude. The latter gets moderated.

(If you want to talk more about moderation, please DM me. That isn’t for public conversation)


I would say that threads with negative themes do not have constructive uses. And I interpret negative themes as being primarily filled with players calling FunCom liars, scammers, or defrauding the player base, and that they are not doing anything to fix the game, in addition to players insulting each other, and attacking the person rather than than the argument.

However, posts highlighting negative experiences a player has had in the game, and asking for FunCom to take a look at and fix the issue is perfectly fine. This is constructive criticism as pointed out by one of the Community Managers above.

You will get much further presenting the problems you have with the game, ie the negatives, in a positive manner.


I disagree. Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, TSW and later TSWL, and now Conan Exiles. Funcom doesn’t listen, it’s not fallacious, it’s pattern recognition. Funcom went so far as to ban people giving constructive criticism during the TSWL beta test and removed all criticism from the forums, and when the it launched it was a disaster. The game went back to only a few hundred players during peak hours.

Conan Exiles is going the same route. The game was in early access for ages and we have a testlive server, but for some reason the game was released buggy and unfinished and all patches break more than they fix (if they fix anything at all). There’s no polish or care.

Wanna know the hardest part about getting my friends to play this game with me? They see Funcom on the lable and run for the hills. I can’t even blame them. This isn’t a fluke with conan, this is standard procedure for Funcom and has been for decades. If they want people to stop being rude about their criticism and rebuild community trust, they need to get their act together.


You say that, and yet we continue to develop and release new bits of content for all listed games. Certainly not what I’d consider “dead”. :slight_smile:

I’m not going to engage further in moderation practice in a public setting, and certainly not about a closed beta that was under NDA. Abusive comments are removed. Constructive comments are not. It’s very simple.

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Yeah, use smiley faces all you like. Everyone knows it wasn’t just abusive comments that got removed and yeah, a game with 300 average players is absolutely what I’d consider dead.

Conan has serious problems and Funcom hasn’t handled any of the problems well. I don’t want it to be this way but Funcom is always too little too late.Condescend all you want, it’s the truth.


People tend to forget their decency and manners on the internet. I don’t understand why they do this since they can see the words they type as they type them and read it before clicking send. But that’s what tends to happen.

When you frequent an establishment for goods or services and have an issue. You should not be calling your server an idiot, insult the establishment, and just berate other customers for enjoying their service. Yet this is what people do here.

If this was done in a physical location, you’d be escorted out and banned from return. I know, I’ve shown people the door a bit in previous occupations. So its no surprise that such threads here would be locked, deleted, and forum accounts actioned.

In fact one mistake Funcom may have made in this is not being tougher on these things. As @AndyB said its welcome to vent. But IMO screaming into a pillow where I don’t have to read it is preferred. That’s just my opinion though.

It would be nice if the forums were full of threads asking questions and strategies, and players discussing topics, but over half of them are nonconstructive complaints and rants. I want bug reports, in the bug report section (I’ve made some there in the past). But I don’t need funcom-hate post after hate post. If you all want to stick it to them, don’t buy their products. Don’t make me wallow through your miserable posts. I did nothing to cross most of you.

Let me have my fun and my constructive discussions. I shouldn’t have to ask for that. I’ve a right to it. If you all have issues that need addressing, do so in a way that it doesn’t hurt players like me.


Maybe the devs heard those that objected but then maybe the devs didn’t care.

I suppose some choices are mean’t to be impacted by public opinion and some aren’t. It’s not like the playerbase always knows what’s most enjoyable.

In short, they are the developers and they call the shots. Once everyone has tried the new features maybe our opinion will be of greater value :grinning:

I personaly welcome having the game difficulty raised a bit. As of now, everything is too easy and you run out of stuff to do relativelly quickly

Possibly a bit of a tangent, but I agree there needs to be more endgame activities and challenges. However, I don’t equate that with approval for the feeding mechanic being introduced to give me more grind to do. I dont find that to be an endgame activity or particularly challenging-- it will likely be an easy yet time consuming and monotonous slog detracting from endgame activities and challenges.

Say what you will about Funcom, but one thing I can attest to is that THIS CE TEAM really do read the stuff you write here.

Every single nerf that people wanted, has been introduced.

Most popular suggestions have been catalogued:

Tascha (the community director herself) has responded every single time I needed her, albeit I treat her like a genie in a bottle: Only called upon when absolutely necessary and never frivolously.

I have never experienced such engagement in any major games forum before.

The only other place I’ve ever seen this sort of community engagement is on the Indie Stone forums, for Project Zomboid, and Neo Scavenger, by blue bottle games.

So yeah… They know what your on about, as AndyB has just demonstrated.

Besides. When the wind of change comes, some people build walls, other’s build windmills.

I went to the TestLive forums and gave a suggestion about how to improve the feeding boxes and pots by adding a radial range indicator. Tascha herself took this feedback STRAIGHT to the dev team.

Know why? Cuz despite how much I hate feeding things… I still try and build windmills.


We are absolutely open for negative feedback as long as it’s constructive. I totally agree it’s important, too.
However, remember, we are on your side, we are not making the game for us, we are making it for our player base.

That means we are on the forums, we look through feedback but we also have to have a margin of being able to filter out feedback that is noise, hyperbole or very disrespectful. This is not us against the community, you are important to us but you have to understand that we have rules in place and we expect people to respect those rules.

We do hope for a certain level of respect for your fellow players and our team. :slight_smile:


Well, I will have to say that, right now, we are watching to see just how much they are making the game “for us”. The feedback I am seeing over thrall feeding is overwhelmingly negative- in fact, I have not yet seen anything positive said for it. I’m someone who has played this game every single day since the beta launch on Xbox- and if this system goes live in a state that we cannot fill a thralls inventory with food of any kind, and trust they will survive the entire duration of our bases’ decay timer, I and my entire clan will be deleting the game.

The part that gets annoying is that they only seem to respond to certain stuff.
People got responses really fast about thrall feeding mechanics in one thread, but other important questions in the same thread was ignored.

Had to wait for the livestream just for private server owners to get some important info, wich just adds unnecessary unease and annoyance.
I just think you have a largely frustrated playerbase, it’s not like they would be so mad about certain thing if they didn’t really care about the game, they do.

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