Do threads with negative themes have constructive uses?

Say what you will about Funcom, but one thing I can attest to is that THIS CE TEAM really do read the stuff you write here.

Every single nerf that people wanted, has been introduced.

Most popular suggestions have been catalogued:

Tascha (the community director herself) has responded every single time I needed her, albeit I treat her like a genie in a bottle: Only called upon when absolutely necessary and never frivolously.

I have never experienced such engagement in any major games forum before.

The only other place I’ve ever seen this sort of community engagement is on the Indie Stone forums, for Project Zomboid, and Neo Scavenger, by blue bottle games.

So yeah… They know what your on about, as AndyB has just demonstrated.

Besides. When the wind of change comes, some people build walls, other’s build windmills.

I went to the TestLive forums and gave a suggestion about how to improve the feeding boxes and pots by adding a radial range indicator. Tascha herself took this feedback STRAIGHT to the dev team.

Know why? Cuz despite how much I hate feeding things… I still try and build windmills.