Do truncheon's stun-lock NPC's?

I don’t know if this is a glitch or not. I’ve noticed that NPC archers, bombers and task-masters will eventually stop attacking me after I’ve hit them for a while with a truncheon. If the truncheon can stun lock NPC’s then disregard this as a glitch.

Both the bomber and archer NPC’s have 2 weapons in their inventory to choose from. I’m thinking this leads to some sort of AI conflict. It doesn’t however explain why the taskmaster will top attacking.

I’ve never had a fighter NPC stop attacking me unless I have a thrall with me hitting the fighter with a truncheon too. Of course, a truncheon in the hands of a thrall will lock up a lot of creatures in the SP game. I haven’t tested it in a while but it would even lock up Red Mother. It does still lock up NPC’s with almost a 100% certainty though. So I’m pretty sure it will still lock up creatures and monsters as well.

I’ve encountered similar behavior on NPCs recently. I think you’re right, the archers and bombers seem to become confused in situations where they may need to swap weapons. They stay in melee range and look at me angrily with their ranged weapon equipped but don’t attack or swap to their melee weapons. If I back out or accidentally dodge too far out of melee range, they usually start shooting at me again.

Sometimes, when they swap to their melee weapon, they keep chasing me with it instead of swapping back to their ranged weapon. Those with daggers seem to be the smartest - as soon as they find the backflip button and get away from me, they swap back to their bow and shoot at me.

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