Do we have an actual launch date for AoW yet?

I am half way through Battlefield 2042 which just released 38 hours ago and I am waiting.

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I think its the 22nd of this month

If you open the Battle Pass tab in Conan Exiles, you should see a countdown for when the current Age ends. I assume that the launch date for AoW should either coincide with that date or be very close to it.


And I have one more level :smile:

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If I build up enough croms can I buy funcom?

If themed items were put in a package deal at close to the old DLC prices I’d have 3 or 4 by now and had to have bought more croms. Just sayen.

lol. I don’t think Crom Coin is legal tender for business transactions.

It was stated in the Livestream as the 22nd (always subject to a slight delay if necessary) but so far as codemage pointed out, the timer has been representative.


We shall see. I still remember issues when Siptah launched.

And why we are getting a half baked age.

This is why I say hard release date are a bad thing. This is how you get half baked, bug ridden, updates with exploits. No matter what shape it is in the update goes out the door on time.
Every time a half baked update goes out the door with game brakers, exploits, nonfunctional content, funcom loses players. Every bad update drops funcoms reputation further. And games live and die by their reputation.

This sort of development is what puts games under.

It is mildly amusing.
Many considered Season 2 the weakest of the Age of Sorcery.
So, to spice things up, it seems they are trying to make Season 2 of the next age the shiny one.

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I suppose that is the optimistic way of looking at it :wink:

This one is want to be exceedingly contrary at times.
In that regard, a bit of optimism seemed called for.

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