Do we NEED more snakes?

I used to love this game, because I would handle the cobras no problem, and avoid the giant python bosses easy enough. Anyone else kinda not happy with the bigger snakes in the main desert? I understand that snakes/set are a big part of the Lore, and I’m NOT saying we get rid of the ones already there: Set, the Cobras and the Giant pythons. There a way we could swap them out for something just as vicious? I have a terrible phobia of snakes, and it made the game impossible to play, and I was part of Alpha 1.0.


Set demands it

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No, seriously I’m not making a joke of this. I’m too afraid I’ll have panic attacks while playing.

Don’t build you house in the jungle. They’ll come for you.


Snakes are part of the lore. I’m against snake replacement.

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:thinking: play a game with snakes, complain about the snakes, request snakes are removed from the game…

Please excuse me while i go punch myself in the face with a chair.


Sometimes the best way to conquer our fears is to face them.


Just think of them as kittens:





I agree with Zeb. The game could serve as a “safe” environment for you to face your phobia (same with arachnophobics), rather than something to avoid at all costs.

As for panic attacks: the natural reaction during a panic attack is trying to get away from the cause of the panic attack. As soon as you get out of the situation, you start feeling better. The problem of this is that it reinforces the behavior pattern - you feel better if you get out, so you start wanting out even more. The proper treatment is forcing yourself to stay in the situation causing the panic attack (psychiatrists do this, too - I know one who stays with their patient until the panic attack expires on its own). This can be deeply uncomfortable, and panic attacks can last up to two hours (but not really longer than that), but facing it instead of taking the easy way out is really the only way to be cured eventually.

Do note that if you’re facing an actual psychological trauma that is triggered by snakes, facing the trigger can cause you to re-experience the traumatic events and feel the same negative emotions without any constructive, healing effects. In this case, exposure to the trigger should be avoided.

(Also: no, we don’t need more snakes. Snakes can go choke on a sandwich.)


Snake pets. That’s what we need.


Sounds like a good idea for a mod.

Sounds like a bad idea for vanilla gameplay. Really not tryna be a jerk. I have a rather strong aversion to snakes myself. But I charge forward swinging to get that virtual snek. Show me a picture of a big snake in some Australians kitchen tho and my skins crawling. I understand peoples issues with snakes and spiders in games, but i think thats why they make such effective monsters.

Also, and in no way to trivialize any phobia, to play devils advocate in the name of fairness. So we change snakes and spiders to generic threat blob, what happens when a person whos phobic of trees, the number 13, drowning, or falling shows up?


Crom laughs at you from atop his mountain!

This is really the only realistic solution (depending on platform), other than facing it straight-on, the viability of which none of us here have any way of judging.

Creating a mod is not easy, however, and unless you have some specialized skills, you’re likely to need help from a friendly modder. The biggest problem there is not the creation of the mod, but keeping it updated as the game progresses. Especially since a mod like this is likely to be tinkering with the map, one of the more frequently changed assets. I am not sure if it’s possible to simply swap the snake model for something else, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be.

Yes we need more of things that scare us half to death… It’s what makes the game exciting…
And I don’t mean to bang on about it…
But still waiting for the inplimentationof snake skin bikini!

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Taste the Rain Boa!



Did you actually look for mods capable of doing this, or are you playing on a console? I ask because I just did a quick search on the Steam Workshop, and there’s already a mod that removes snakes:


I disagree, I think they should add more snakes and even tamable one’s! Set is my favorite religion :snake:

This is definitely a mod request and not a thing for funcom.

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