Do you feel a sin coming on? [PS4 / PVP-RP]

Why Sinner’s Torment? We have dynamic character roles that encourage player interaction, a unique kingdom system in which the crown is earned instead of simply purchased or won, and a monarch system that can be overthrown by unhappy townsfolk or destroyed by an assassin or fellow royal. Our server is no longer password protected but rather protected by a wall so players can see some of our buildings before applying to enter.

Our server is somewhat boosted, just enough to add to the fun but keep it challenging.

We have a variety of raiding areas with varying loot and difficulty, but protect players from offline raiding, save for those that are willingly engaged in war. There are four caches hidden across the map, stashed in vaults or chests, that the finder can keep.

We have a variety of events, including drunken archery, the tower of elephants, the Gauntlet, and more! The admin practically beg for player feedback, input, and suggestions, and encourage the players to find ways to make the server theirs.

Not only do we offer starter packs but each role gets extra loot once it’s been approved.

Our discord is: - come check us out!

We’re still searching for more players!

Discord link is expired