Do you have also the issue when a juicy quest pops up that u do not have the resources available to do them?


Why you need Astrid Mikkelsen as early as possible.

Astrid is one of the best resource gatherer we have right now.
She will always bring one supply home, if mission is providing it or not.
She also brings + 1 asset if mission is providing one, so 2 assets with her not one.

It is good to have her early. She will solve all Resource Issues you might have. She is doing the footwork and your big Agents can try to make the Expansive missions with 5 supplies and 5 asset cost.

Just send her on a 15 minute mission that provides 1 asset and she comes back with 1 supply and 2 assets.

All your concerns about resources are gone with her


So far had less trouble…I suspect Wu liang zhi is reason for that supplying me with supplies.


Liam brings home the bacon for Christina, Christina cooks the bacon for “a friend who she won’t name” - The “friend” secretly wants sausage, so Liam brings sausage sometimes coz he’s nice like that.


So basically, the agent system is broken by design because it’s not actually very usable without the right agents?


looks like its better to have specific agents early, so game play is smoother


Maybe they should preseed the auction house with some agents we can buy to get our collections started and get on with collecting something to sell each other later.


Thanks for the thread - I hadn’t really looked at their traits real well - they didn’t make a lot of sense. Now I see what your’e talking about.

I did get Astrid and was using her because I’m an Elementalist. I have only run low on resources once - but then I started selecting missions by resources given, not just duration or XP. It adds a little bit of strategy to mission selection and agent selection.

I guess I’m overdue to really understand this system now - I don’t know of a guide yet - any links appreciated - Here is a link to the spreadsheet I’m using:

Anybody got a link for a good guide, please reply with it.

EDIT: Also here’s a link for a spreadsheet on the Agent Missions (from this forum):


I don’t really understand what the resources are for. I don’t suppose anyone could explain that part of the system?


Resources are acquired by your agents during their missions, Some missions require resources to do them.
There are some agents that will get more resources than others.
You can not use the resources yourself - they are for Agents only

(i have absolutely no idea why they need them, but they just do)


Thank you, wasn’t really paying attention. Though, that probably explains why there were a few times I couldn’t do missions with my first agent, but it seemed like she had the right stats for it.

My first and only agent drop from the world was, I believe, Astrid. I’ll have to double check, but she was someone who had the Elementalist skill, whoever it was. Does she have glasses (I think) and one of those “old-timey I’m wearing this so you know I’m an archaeologist” hat?


Seems like this is “intentional” early on. Tier 1 missions mostly don’t require things so you’re supposed to “farm” them for resources. Later on, additional agents either require less resources to start missions or will grant extra resources when completing missions. It’s just stupid artificial gating that prevents you from doing Tier 3+ missions with just your Faction Recruit.


And I can see she is for sale in the AH for 400K by an individual lucky enough to have more than one drop :grin: I will keep my fingers crossed that one drops for me; 400K is too rich for me :slight_smile:


If anyone else has the stats of a nice gatherer plz tell us.


Or first drop. I haven’t used any agent I’ve dropped but one. Sold all others :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, you know that Assets is only 1 source of 3 resources we need and that each agent’s traits provides different bonuses for resource gatherinig. There are also traits that affect fatigue, stats, or missions in one way or another.

It isn’t just Astrid that does this. Many agents are great resource gatherers.


I know that, Astrid does provide 2 resources others only one, ore they reduce the cost.
but for gathering resources…well she provides 2 all I did see by now are providing one.