Do you think most people really understand the rules?

While I may not entirely agree with the sentiment, I can see where the argument comes from. I’ve been giving some vague consideration to the idea of maybe checking out the official servers at some point, and I can say for certain that finding a mass of spammed blocks and pointless walkways and walls blocking off chunks of the map would lead to me logging out and not bothering with that server. And finding a couple of servers like that in a row would likely lead to me not bothering at all. Now, in all honesty, someone like me that knows the game well, would likely find a private server or return to singleplayer or whatever - but how many new players come to official servers for their first taste of the game and give up in the face of claim spam everywhere? So while it may not be affecting you directly, it may be affecting you indirectly by keeping the population of your server down (which may or may not be a good thing) - and it may be affecting others. Arguably, it should be up to those actually affected to report an issue, but I can also see how there could be an argument that it is also the responsibility of the regular players on a server to help keep that server ‘clean’.

Edit: I should also say that I entirely agree that good communication between players is by far the best way to resolve any such issues.