Do you use wraps?

Praise Set I’ve been tormenting myself lately trying to find these. Thank you.

@stelagel you still get credit too mate, I knew you’d know! :stuck_out_tongue:

King’s Niche used to be one of my favorite places on the whole map. I just stopped looking there after a while. This place is so great.


Prior to Update 2.5: Yes, all of the time for out of combat heals. Post Update 2.5: No, not anymore. It is more efficient to use Aloe for out out of combat healing now.


I am pretty sure that you farmed a lot this skeleton boss in the past, you just forget it because in your playstyle wraps was not so necessary. Other than that this game has so many information but still you can play it properly with a really small percentage of all. How many people use katanas for main weapon? It’s easy to say that daggers and axe are the best option, but is it true? They are just handy and their variations are great. For pvp players spears are the most common weapons but daggers were always way better than spears. My pvp team never believed it so for once I enter in an arena with them just to saw them how dangerous this weapon is. I pvp with them just once and it was my last because I don’t enjoy pvp. No matter what they saw they still didn’t use daggers, because their playstyle all this time was without daggers. They stick to the safety of the weapon they knew how to wield correctly. Still I respect their choise, it was wise. So wraps or not, daggers or not, you can still play the game wonderful and to the bottom line your gaming time your choise. That’s all that matters.


Outside of combat they are all I use. My base is near Ashen Core and a skeleton boss there drops bulk amounts of wraps when farmed with a pick so I don’t even have to make them.great option to heal your thrall quickly outside of combat as well.


I use wraps. Though I do agree they can be quite slow. However, using higher level ones heal ‘faster’ so that saves time even if its not fully efficient. But they’re quite cheap still.

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Rarely used them but now I’m in a server where my clan is up north and it is faster to just sickle some fibber rather than going to the south to get tons of aloe for all of us :rofl:

I do not use wraps anymore. I still carry two stacks on me and have a box of infused but those two stacks have been the same wraps for months now.

Personally, I’d use them more if the heal was percentage based and more useful on thralls. Because I will politely disagree, they barely touch thrall HP and if wiki is to be believed it’s no surprise why. Maybe I’ll test it later, that number does seem low.

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Brah i use some sick raps, let me drop a few lines for you………wait what?image


The only time I am able use wrap on thrall are after fighting blood moon beast/avatar of bokrug/giant mushroom boss/ doing a surge with guel as healing food.

I only used wraps when they were useful for bleed removal pre Healing Animation patch (or siptah EA launch)

Now, I never even crafted them since Siptah.

For wraps, Stutter heals 180 and Infused 140. Infused are slightly faster(a second maybe)

For potions, Pure aloe heals 200 and infused heals 140. Infused are again slightly faster. I also tested concentrated aloe which heals 165, this is what I use because I find them most useful in terms of bang for the buck.

Personally, I don’t see any use for wraps outside of their low weight. Seems to me something that locks you in a 5 second animation should offer more in terms of healing, I mean they should at least out heal potions I would think. Should be noted I tested this with 0 vitality and 27 vitality(avoiding passive regen) to see if the amount of total health made a difference and it did not.


Just to add a detail - on the current version of testlive, the locked period with wraps has been reduced (I think to around 2 seconds) after which you can roll or walk to break the animation (and the healing). It’s currently working as far as I’ve been able to tell (on singleplayer), so should go live whenever the next patch does.

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I used wraps early on, but not mid or late game.
The amount of healing total wasn’t enough to justify the resources as opposed to a few more potions or sated/vitality perk/sigil for slow heals.

It’s not so much a matter of healing rate as total healing done. Which is counteracted by Stutter and Infused wraps having a lower total health restoration than Numbing Wraps.

Honestly, I would rather see significantly more healing but not as fast. Mostly because the only real use I am seeing for them would be a thrall bandaid. My own HP is rarely going to be even 10% of my thralls. They are the ones who need the bulk numbers.

The side bonus of stopping bleed, which would be grand in combat, is rendered moot due to being slow use and interruptible.

Yes and No.

on Ps4, with limited hot keys(how it works, compared to PC on screen)You can really only afford 1 heal item, and try keep it sorted to top of inventory.
Potions basically replaced my food slot.

Wraps are mostly my out of combat heal. (I tend toss items on ground for clean up, so I pop wraps then)
Most of enemies are so magnet be on you happy, its impossible to use wraps in-combat with out standing on a rock and cheesing AI.

Animation could be just 1 arm wrap…with slow walk, I’d likely use them more. But AI is just on you non stop.

I have used them to heal thru sand storm thou. Just to cut back on potion use. XD

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@Sera67 , I will go a bit off topic again standing of the lack of hot keys on consoles. Our inventory needs the first ten blocks to be customized and the rest as any players wishes. The same should happen on the crafting inventory too so we can place ten of the most used crafts depending to what we do. This would solve a lot of problems to the gamers frustration, especially on end gamers that both inventory and crafting recipes are too full.

I use food aftee slight damage, potions for heavy damage while im still fighting and wraps after a fight.

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The wrapping animation is awesome and fitting, but it’s only welcomed if the bleed-damage in pvp isn’t such a big deal. I always had wraps on my hotbar to counter bleed, of course. I’d use it when my foe had low stamina, or after I found a brief hiding spot during a battle. But now? That hiding spot has to be really good in order to use a wrap in battle! I hope bleed has been nerfed bad bc there is no way to cure it mid combat anymore, unless you get really lucky.

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Ever since rhinos caused massive bleed, I use both, wraps and extracts. They both have their plusses, but I thought the previous perk to food for a health boost was perfect. Now, this.

I use wraps because they are lighter, faster to make and you can get fiber all over the map.
I use them after combat, never during.
Sometimes I might have a build with only 27 in vitality and I don’t want to spend a consumable. Or I don’t want to wait for the regen. Or it’s a boss fight and my thrall is tanking the boss and I can afford to stand still for 10 seconds, lol.
I don’t use them a lot, but I generally carry a stack of less than 10.

For during combat, potions only, yes.


No, not at all. Since bleed is almost non existent.

Only time I remember u had to use wraps was back before mounts came. When bleeding an enemy actually was pretty useful, and the wraps did have an animation and u got crippled by it. And that’s exactly how I wish bleed and wraps worked today too.