Do you want an #IAMSWL contest?


While looking over what titles we had in the TSW forum, I came across the #IAMTSW title and was reminded of that contest. While we may argue it was done as something to keep us occupied while waiting for new content, I really liked how it brought the community together and many new faces stepped into the (forum) spotlight.

Short recap for those who do not know: It was a series of contest in regards to voice acting, art, cosplay, fan fiction etc. with nice in-game and RL prizes supplied by both Funcom and some cabals.

So, what do you think, should we ask for a part 2, an #IAMSWL contest?

Also, did you know that one of the plaques in the park in London is from the #IAMTSW contest?


Here are the winners btw:


So much awesome +1




It was pretty amazing how talented the TSW players were - that was very cool.

I have the T-shirts and still wear them in SWL. It was like the museum tshirt designers, talented talented players!


I have very fond memories of this contest. I loved both working on my entry for the crafts round and getting to see the community’s creativity in action, so yes, I’m all for an #IAMSWL installment.


There were and still are a lot of creative and wonderfully talented people around in TSW and SWL.
If anything i’m sure there will be another or something similar to the #IAMTSW

There once was a time when this (posted below) was gonna happen, but a filthbomb dropped on TSW and i couldn’t further the project solo anyway.
The GRACE awards were going to be a “Gift of Recognition & Acknowledgement for Creative Excellence” For the work done on Seaon 1 of TSW an award presented to the respective winners of each category who were to be nominated individually by the TSW players for the categories shown.
Sort of “They gave us our wings now it’s time to give them theirs” sort of award.
yes, an actual award fashioned in some manner.
Alas…maybe…can still happen?


It’d be great and it was wonderful to take part in, but I imagine that would be a lot of undertaking and would require heavy community support since FC is still super busy.

It’s why BTV tries to host as many contests as we can when we have time to arrange them. So if there’s others willing to step up to help out I would like for this to happen.


my guild had to participate and it is always with pleasure and pride that I tell our new members today why my guild has his name on a commemorative plaque in London :sunny:


It’s still animation and keeps things busy and interesting, i’d say why not if our streamers can cover the event on a decent scale.


I would love to see one again. I didn’t enter the last one as I’m lacking the creative gene, but I really enjoyed seeing the other entries. My favourite to this day is the “filthy supermarket” video. It was genius. :joy:


I would love to see an #IAMSWL contest too. I found the original #IAMTSW was an excellent promotional event that got the community together as well. Doesn’t hurt that I won the grand prize too :grin:


Sure. I had fun doing a couple of things for the first contest. Perhaps an #IamSWL for the anniversary?


No, because no one appreciated my culinary forays into the Dragon mindset.
(unless you can prove someone actually used my recipes to bake something)