[Doctor] Froob lvl 200 Doc setup


I was wondering is there a possibility to have a normal froob doc? I mean, able to cast CH, UBT and some higher heals and wield, for example, 2 dogs of war for some dmg. Head implant is giving me headaches…


No personal experience, but check out this thread on the old forums


yeah why wouldn’t it be possible? all of that stuff is castable. for a mainhand pistol the master engineer pistol is the best for froobs. Any profession can build it.


That is exactly my problem. With aofroobs gone, there is only official archived forums left with info mainly for paid content. Thanks for the link on very rare froob issues there.

And I prefer dogs to engi pistol due to specials.


Try using the Wayback Machine to access earlier versions of AOFroobs. Such as this.

Not all of the threads are saved, but a good number have been.


keune you just use the dog in the offhand for fling shot and then the MEP in mainhand for the damage and mods.


Just as an inspiration this is outdated setup of my old doctor:


I’m pretty sure I was able to cast UBT as well as CH and top heal, but that was before the rebalance. I think I had to compromise on the DoTs.

Edit: I’ve checked with aoitems and it seems that all important froob doctor nanos have been unaffected by the rebalance in terms of the reqs. With one exception being the Lifegiving Elixir which has been made uncastable by froobs anyway. You could perhaps reach the reqs of Emergency Medical Response with BM/MM oriented setup
probably even self-buffed (it should castable with mochs). And you can easily reach the reqs of Deep Tissue Repair which is now the best “standard” single heal.

In summary with that setup you can cast every top froob nano except for those 2 top single heals (Lifegiving Elixir and
Recuperative Respite
) and nanos that require MC, which means probably no LC and some DoTs (something you can live without tho).