Dodge after-update-poll


I understand. I have been thinking…

1 - no healing unless you stand completely still for at least 3 seconds. And healing stops when you move.

2 - Drain stamina so if you roll twice in a roll, you suffer stamina re-gen penalty. You cannot roll like a ninja non-stop that way because it will leave you even more vulnerable. Disengagement should be just that - a life-saving roll that can only be used sparingly instead of becoming part of the tactic.

And how do you guys feel about these:

Light armor class: old-style dodge. Roll further. Roll faster. Offers zero protection against arrows. Offers zero health regen bonus. Suffers double bleeding and cripple effect / duration. ALWAYS CRIPPLED UPON BEING HIT.

Medium armor class: Old-style dodge. Roll further, but at normal speed. Offer 25% protection against arrows. Offers zero health regen bonus. Suffer normal bleeding and cripple effect / duration

Heavy armor class: New style dodge, roll normal distance, at normal speed. Offers 75% protection against arrows. Offers 50% more health regen bonus. Suffers half of the normal bleeding and cripple effect / duration.

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I disagree with having 9403958093485 polls for the same thing. We need one topic in order to make sure that all who are interested in voting have their vote recorded in the same poll. It would have been best if Funcom created an official topic which asks for vote on both the dodge and the movement system as separate questions but I guess it was too much to ask.


Like some others have stated, I chose “hate it” but hate is a pretty strong word. I have had time to try it out but still dislike it. I don’t think it’s as bad as I expected when it was first shown in the livestream, but it still is not my cup of tea.

I’m iffy about the roll in combat, but out of combat it’s more aggravating to me. Moving materials around the base while encumbered and using this slow roll to get around is annoying.

This change isn’t bad enough to make me stop playing. At the same time, if a friend talks about returning to the game, I’d recommend that they watch a video of this new system before reinstalling. That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I don’t outright hate it, but I get that others might. If it ruins the experience for them, I can’t blame 'em.


Gosh I hope they don’t do this, slamming aloe like it’s last call while running away like a coward has been my strategy since day one! :sweat_smile:

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I think roll now is on the right path, you cant disengage as easily but still possible to disengage! I think people prematurely complaining is unfair give it a good test and try and you will think and see is better than before !


Hate it. For 2 reasons.

  1. The warm-up to start running is simply annoying. Maybe there was a combat reason for this, but most of the game isn’t combat. Don’t like crawling to each tree I want to cut down.
    Furthermore, it makes it a pain to jump small distance’s unless you get a running start. My character looks like an athletic instructor, but moves she belongs in a motorized scooter.

  2. Falling momentum is terrible. It’s very hard to grab a wall on the way down. I’ve pancaked several times since this patch.


Answer to:

  1. I somewhat agree, like carrying a sac of bricks but once you get used to it is alright because nearly unnoticeable! Saying that it needs a little tweaking no much more

  2. you know you can keep space bar pressed and is much easier to climb or slide down

Not what I meant. I mean if there’s more than 2 inches of air between you and the wall you can’t drift over an grab it. By the time you do, you’ve already hit the pavement.

Made doubly worse by the inability to jump towards a wall without a running start.

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Ok my bad I didn’t understand what you meant ! And I agree is probably annoying but it’s a easy fix just be more mindful of cliffs I guess and take the appropriate steps before jumping down ! Dont you think it adds alittle realism and depth?


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I love both systems after playing for a while. The only thing I dislike is the acceleration from standstill. Overall the system feels much more realistic and responsive than before.

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Oh its bad, when i first loaded up the game after the update i thought it was a bug. Making movement slow and cumbersome seems like a way to decrease enjoyment.


I there is some good modders here, it is the time to bring us a good mod to go back to old dodge and movements :slight_smile:

Great idea, but this would only help a part of the people since you can’t mod official and you can’t even use any mods on console. I’m playing on PS4 so I don’t have the opportunity to do such things so that the only thing I can do (imo) is quitting because I can’t play like this

I am on PC, I actually stop playing until it get fixed.

The problem is that it is now not the game we buy!!! You can add animals pets, add mounts, change trebuchet, change some recipes, change the thralls system, but not change the movements of the character. This is a total different game now, and most people do not like the movements changes. And what is the point of slowing everything??? Most of us do pve and farming 99% of the time on pvp servers!

I hope a hotfix tomorrow.

Hotfix tomorrow (or at least soon) would be great, but I don’t think it will happen. I’ll keep track of the forums, just to see IF the devs decide to listen to the negative feedback, but till then Conan is gonna stay uninstalled and I’m gonna stay on ark.

Funcom did the mistake to give too much liberty to the players and now that the game became more complex as it should be, many complain because is no longer easy.

I totally agree that the new changes needs some tweak here and there but this was the best direction that the game could have got.


I added my daughter’s vote for the => Old System <= as well as putting the 1 handed spears back the way they were. She is fairly miffed/disgruntled at this…especially the 1 handed spear change with the new Dodge/Roll.

not a fan of the new system but can live with it. would favor the idea of additional defensive options that work around the new mechanic.

my own overly opinionated, subjective most likely illogical thoughts:

have movement rev up time be determined with armor type and/or points in agility.
(light armor - near instant max speed
med armor - in the middle
heavy armor - current rev up speed )

give heavy armor users natural perk to resist/mitigate debuff effects compared to other armor types
(50% chance passive hyper armor, 3 seconds timer reduced on effects except poison/acid/bleed)

add additional I-frames on front end of dodge roll to compensate with server latency/ping issues vs. player response time

have I-frame increased via amount of survival points put into character (max being 25 percent I-frame dodge)

Introduce weapon parry mechanic: sacrifices portion of stamina instead of health when hit to stay in close combat vs. disengaging from opponent

introduce weapon riposte mechanic: sacrifices portion of stamina when performed, 10 second cooldown, 1 to 1.5 second window, animation cue included, activated on hit, mitigates damage to health by half, returns other half of damage back to opponent, gives opponent 3 stacks of cripple in return.

return step dodge ability and give it to shortswords and increase its dodging distance as well as 15 percent speed increase when dodging back or forward only.

remove bows ability to one shot opponents (see rampage latest video on subject)


+100 my dude, new mechanics is totally right direction, but it needs a lot of tweaking and adjustments

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why uninstall it? I hear this over and over when people are dissastified with the state of a game. I mean, unless you absolutely need the storage, why would you uninstall a game? Aren’t you going to at least check back in and see what it’s like after patches and hotfixes and whatnot?

…or is it just an idle threat directed towards the game makers? or did you really? …that’s some next level rage-quitting if you did.