Dodge Step Glitch

Game mode: [Online - PvP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU[

The glitch is that i will no longer dodge roll in any situation, my character will simply take a step in either direction, combat has become nearly impossible since i have no way of escaping without getting hit

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Just curious. Did you change armor types recently? From Medium or light to Heavy? Heavy armor only allows a step away vs a roll away like the lighter armors.

I’m wearing light armour with a sandstorm mask and a different pair of boots, my TV just broke so i can’t get on to check, the boots were medium/heavy

Even just one piece of heavy does force you to doge like you are wearing a full set of heavy so that may be the reason. Sorry to hear about your TV

Disengage and just run away :joy: it’s what I do, it really works

Ohhh ok thanks! I’ll change the boots when i get a chance! Appreciate it!