Does 30 day patron still exist? And what does it take to get a petition answered around here?

I’m trying to give Funcom money for a 30 day patronage (don’t want the year one, don’t want to commit that long). I create the payment on Paypal, and 72 hours later nothing’s been taken and Paypal’s closed it down for security reasons.

And five days later there’s been no response to my petition and live chat’s disabled.

Do funcom just not want money?

Maybe they just realized they don’t deserve your money? :wink:

But seriously, as Steam user I have always had issues with subscription via PayPal so I just added my debit card to Steam wallet - works fine for me.

In terms of petitions - well…I did submit my petition 4,5 week ago and still no feedback. This is link to my post on forum

And here another one about Customer Service:

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I wonder if PayPal were protecting you/themselves from the fact it’s not a 30 days and done Patron, it’s an auto-renewing 30 day subscription Patron.

They probably have had their share of complaints about unexpected next-month payments, and it certainly sounds like you would’ve fallen into that trap.

Well personally I wouldn’t, I had a 30 day recurring a couple of years back. It’s giving funcom my bank details to store I’m avoiding.

But I am genuinely puzzled - I’m reading that this is a Funcom wide issue.

I’m trying to give them money! :rofl: What business runs like this?

I am paying my 30 days recurring patronage by Paypal since launch and never had any problem with it, just to let you know it is not a general problem.

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Thank you. I have near enough given up trying to contact Funcom customer services. I even tried twitter today. I might have a go at a seance

Seance didn’t work. Still no response after a month. Man they must be drowning in money.

Your chances of getting a petition responded to are roughly the same as getting the peculiar box.

Non existent and with no clear indication about what you have to do in order to get it :wink:

Seriously though you might want to head over to Discord. If you got a confirmation email with a reference number then they should at least be aware of the petition. The staff (including CS people) are more active over there and may be able to help.

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Thank you Kle. I did exactly that and got a “thinking” smiley for my trouble.

I find this genuinely insane, the only answer is that SWL is abandonware. It didn’t have an Easter event and it doesn’t have customer support because in reality it has nothing.

It sucks that it’s still not working for you! You could try pming @AndyB here or on discord, given that you didn’t get a response in the bugs and feedback channel.

Easter’s not really a secret world kind of event - there’s ways to corrupt it, but a celebration of birth and new life and chocolate bunnies has never been part of the Secret World’s event portfolio.

There are a lot of bunny things though lol now that I started thinking about it a faction colored bunny head would be a popular cosmetic!

Bugs and Feedback channel on discord isn’t customer service anyway, and neither discord nor an in game petition is going to be able to help with billing issues regardless of whether they got back to you (others have reported getting responses to petitions after the backlog a few weeks ago, for whatever it’s worth.

If you haven’t already, make sure to contact them through and not a petition. And even if you have and have not gotten a response, try it again (though if I remember right they use zendesk, and you should get an automatic email in response when you use that form. If so, it should contain a link to your ticket so you can view the status. But I could definitely be mixing them up with other companies).

But again, petition will most likely not be able to help with this (though you can ALSO view the current status of your petition and add notes to it).

Out of curiosity, did you check out What is PayPal Preapproval? How do I use Paypal? ? It says:

If you do not select a secondary funding source before you approve, your payment will fail.

Secondary Funding Source

Funcom requires players to have a secondary or backup funding source even if there is enough credit on the PayPal account to cover the balance. Players will need to register and select a Secondary Funding Source.

I remember talking with you and that’s only answer I could manage for you telling you sent e-mail to CS with no answer for a while. I personally have no affiliation with Funcom, sorry if my answer somehow confused you, CS has special role in Discord, look for purple names when you need official answer. They don’t answer much on Discord though these months and 99% would just tell you to write to them directly.

Sorry Jess if it sounded like I was criticising you. I’ve worked in customer support, Funcom’s attitude is bewildering me. You were a star though, Funcom should employ you.

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