Does a database incuding gems from Chaos exist?

Does a database incuding gems from Chaos exist?

Not sure if anyone bothered to make a database since its pretty easy to get an understanding of it. There are text-scripts with descriptions of the gemcombinations ingame. I guess someone who got a script like that can post it here?

I don’t think so but there is not that much to say about:

There are 3 types of gems:

  • Fierce (stats depend on the class that looks at the gem, combat rating, healrating, magic damage)
  • Precise (always crit rating)
  • Warding (always armor + protection)

These 3 types come in 3 variants

  • rare (bind on equip, can be sold)
  • epic (same stats as rare but got a single blessing, they are bind on pick up)
  • legendary (stats are roughly doubled, they got 2 blessings)

The list of blessings:

  • Manic Haze (Offhand rating + Tenancy)
  • Ashur (Armor and protection penetration)
  • Silence Falls (hate decrease)
  • Crawling Mist (hate increase)
  • Silver Twilight (magical mana tap)
  • Black Pharaoh (critical damage rating)
  • Emandua (Healrating)
  • Steel Behemoth (crit mitigation)

All these blessings can stack up to x4 if you have weapons and a necklace with the same blessings, they all got negative PvP values ontop of the positive PvE values.
You need 2 items with the same blessing in order to get a buff, legendary gems always have 2 blessings but never the same blessing twice.


Haha, I have actually seens that exact description somwhere else, just before I took a break. I had just completely forgotten all about it.

Anyways, thank you very much for sharing, @Force! :grin:

Btw, i probably want to go for crit rings for PvP, but AS a priest, Will you get just heal rating or both heal rating and magic damage?

Fierce chaos gems give 240 heal rating/30 magic damage for pom/tos, and 240 heal rating/150 combat rating for bear, but no +crit. Precise chaos gems give the +crit, but no +healing/magic. Both give whatever blessings come with the gem… emandua = more heal rating, black pharaoh = more crit damage, etc. No gem gives +magic damage.

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Chaos gem stats change depending on the class, which leads to some hilarious mistakes, when someone tells you “why are you using +heal rating gem on Necro”, for example. Yes, the Fierce gem gives pure magic damage for Necro or Demo (but you will see it as less magic + heal rating from PoM/ToS).

Can you post the exact numbers for all classes? (Only legendary gems.)

POM/TOS: 240 Heal Rating + 30 Magic Damage
BS: 240 Heal Rating + 150 Combat Rating

Continue the list please…

I did not even think about it can happen. :flushed:
Why could not this be solved?!
When you expect better.
Things never change…

Sorry, I can’t do it right now. I would probably have to go do a chaos run or two in order to get all the values but I am not really playing anymore, though there are probably other people who know the stats and can post them.

POM/TOS: 240 Heal Rating + 30 Magic Damage
BS: 240 Heal Rating + 150 Combat Rating
DT/HOX: 30 Magic dmg 150 Combatrating
Mellee: 225 Combat rating
Caster dps: 50 Magic dmg

All: 40 crit

All: 400 armor 70 prot


hox+dt also has hybrid values on fierce gem

u sure about hox? I can check it quick but my memory tells me i have 50 Magicdmg gems in my rings on it, prolly mistaken tho.

30 magic damage ,150 cr ,iirc

yeah just checked and can confirm :slight_smile: mustve thought of my demo or something

Is it critical rating?
Or critical damage rating?

From the name I guess it is critical rating.

yes critical rating