Does Antidote of One Work With Noxious Gas?

Title. The Antidote of One perk that you get from the Survival attribute. This is the deciding factor for me leveling to that.

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That’s a very good question. I never considered that possibility with that perk, but if it does, it really makes that perk much more attractive.

I think it’s time for some… drumroll… science!

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Agreed. If nobody has said anything by the time I get back home (in about 8 hours) I will reset my attribute points and see

I doubt it, but I’ll grant you I never thought of it either. Do let us know if you try it.

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It works with gas bombs… I figured it would work at the shattered springs as well. Ill respec in a sec and check … (Okay so the real reason i posted was to be able to type that… but seriously Ill test this after the bloody update downloads.)

UPDATE: I just ran front to back, side to side through Shattered Springs with the perk active. No damage, no gas effect, I’m immune. And yes I made sure admin god mode wasn’t on. I took off this perk and then was taking the gas effect again. This perk may operate as a free sandstorm mask honestly, meaning you might be able to walk through sandstorms with too. I’m on PS4, so I cant say for PC.

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Yes, I tested it too. Shattered Springs, Black Lotus Grove, gas bomb. Immune to all of them. Apparently immune to bleed too.

Didn’t actually test a sandstorm because I have them turned off on my server.

Suddenly the perk sounds a lot more attractive than just not getting poisoned by a snake. It still doesn’t feel worth the investment, but it’s still pretty cool.

Yes, I just tested it too. It does in fact work! HOLY FECAL MATERIAL! So happy

My home is inside of the springs, so this makes a world of difference in head attire for me

Very interesting, thanks for testing guys.

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