Does any body know or heard anything about the new map size?

I hope the new map is MUCH MUCH bigger than the current one…

But truly, I wish this new DLC was a MASSIVE extension to the current map, not a whole new map.

And to top it off, I wish when ever funcom had any ideas about anything in the game, they would cast a poll so we, the players, could vote.

Kind of like when they changed the roll mechanics and added horses and 50% of the game’s population quit the game (including my whole entire discord clan). We voted in polls and stuff, and it was a waste of time…

Anyways, I like this game and I just hope it brings more people in.

Also for ■■■ sakes, do something about the official servers man… many servers I see TONS of blocks just preventing players to use HUGE important areas of the map…

We need 1 admin per 10 servers AT LEAST.

Official servers are unplayable. private servers are also unplayable because you never know when it will be unplugged…

Anyways, praying this DLC is anygood!

It’s reported to be 3/4 of the size of the current map:

Käufer erkunden die namensgebende Insel - eine neue Spielwelt - die etwa drei Viertel der Größe der bisherigen Karte erreicht.

The engine literally can’t handle that.

That would be wonderful. The new rules made me hope that the official servers would finally be free of trolls, griefers and spammers, but they’re just not being enforced well enough :confused:

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