Does anyone find conan attractive , more specifically the conan exiles opening?

Weird question I guess.

Not particularly, no. The male modal they use for PC/NPC’s is attractive enough, but Conan is just a blocky mess.

Definitely not as much as this guy

2021-06-21 11_22_47-Window

The market for Jason Momoa is saturated with too much Jason Momoa, though. Still, if I could put him in a golden Derketo loin cloth and jewelry on my stage I wouldn’t say an unkind word about it.


JJ I think you’re confused That’s not Conan, that’s Aquaman!


Well, the character in the opening animation has a certain rugged handsomeness that I feel fits the character. Although I don’t feel attraction towards men per se, I do appreciate the aesthetic value of good-looking males.

Jason Momoa is definitely a pretty-looking guy, but in my opinion, he’s too pretty to be Conan. Arnold’s features are better suited for Conan’s character, even though the eye and hair color in the movie were wrong.


[OT]I simply can’t understand why people find Momoa attractive, I definetly would choose other men to be good-looking… [/OT]

I think that the “Funcom’s exiled Conan” is quite exact for his role, not an handsome man, but a fascinating one: rugged and wild but with a bit of wiseness in his voice.

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