Does anyone read their messages?


I am curious if any GM or Dev’s read the messages sent through the direct message system on these forums? If so how long does it take for a response? Thank you


I have sent direct messages to community managers before and had prompt responses… if they were online at the time it was within minutes. If they were not actively posting then within 48 hours, usually within one business day …taking into account of time zone differences.


Strange, been all week for me no response, thank you.I wonder what I am doing wrong


All messages get read, but when you can expect a reply depends on a few factors, including who exactly you messaged and for what reason.

If you’re waiting for assistance with something, feel free to DM me further details and I’ll make sure it hasn’t been forgotten or misplaced.


Received the answers I needed from the gms on the forums. thanks to everyone!


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