Does anyone remember me?

Hello everyone, I’m just wondering if anyone remembers me from way back when… here is a reminder…

I created a post in the old forums back then titled “I’m tired of reused Inventory Graphics”. Google it and see what you get.

Have a great day, Cheers!



Hello Doc, I remember you from when we were in the same beginners guide - Eye of the Storm? Then later The Art of War? I had an engineer named Funkett.

PS: Remember Alphacentari? He was a nice guy.

Yeah man I loved how they were able to introduce your stuff into the game. Welcome back to a sinking ship.

Hi Docaholic :slight_smile:

Of course I remember you, and many members of Athen Paladins do as well.

You even have a ring by your name, after you contributed to many icons changes. :slight_smile:

Are you playing again?

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hello mate - ofc I remember You! <3

Well hello there :wink:

Welcome back! :smiley:

I installed the game, but my ac seems to be froob, and I was supposed to have a full lifetime acc for the graphics,… waiting on a ticket now. I can get to Jobe, but when I paid the guy to get through the portal to North Ely, it just kept kicking me back to jobe. Sad that I remade ALL the nano icons and only a few got put in game, it should have been a simple replacement of the old icons, but alas such is the slow grind of AO apparently. I might see you in game, my main toon is Doctorval, Docaholic is a level 25 nanomage iirc.

Cheers All, have fun and stay Safe!

Oh and I remember Athen Paladins, Not sure about those other Orgs, I was in Free Souls and later Harmony. I’m Still in Harmony, just not sure anyone else in the org still plays.

Cheers again!

hey it’s that guy from my treatment rings

That portal is a bit tricky, u might have to jump into the ring to get zoned.
As froob u wouln’t be able to enter jobe.

means you’re paid

Welcome Back!

Hi Doc :wink:

You probably wont hear anything via the FC ticket system because their CS is horrible. Even if you do it could be weeks or months or not at all. Since there are new people at FC now, I doubt anyone knows who you really are and will dispute your claim.

Did you decide to play the game? I’m back and forth… planning to return for the anniversary. Are you still playing with Serenity?

I can vaguely remember you name.

Absolutely remember you and that absolute celebration of a thread :smiley: . Welcome back home to AO.

Welcome back!!!