Does Base Size Matter

Does it matter? My clan mate built a massive base, there is a ton of wall stacking and door stacking involved. Does base size matter?

In respects to what?? You can build as big as you wish as long as you can farm the mats, also can depends on a few things like if your playing on a private server they might have rules, so I am not sure what you mean by “does it matter”.

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Are you more likely to be raided? We’re relatively new to the game, so forgive me. What do you mean by farm the mats?

are you playing on a pvp server? if yes then odds are yes you will eventually be raided regardless of size. if you are playing on pve servers there is no raiding.

“mats” = “Materials” as in if you can farm the stuff up to make the things then you can make the things.




It can also make a difference for triggering the purge. Apparently if your base is too small you will never get purged.

Opps I read that wrong…

Hey there.

As @bbtech mentioned, we solved our issue with raiding. We had 4 small buildings nearby (1 for every member of clan) and we didn’t get purged, but when we built huge building with two floors, purge appeared. Funny thing is that X on the map points right on this building and monsters are trying to run around the fence. If it takes them too long, monsters are getting spawned inside the house.

the size of your base doesn’t affect the purge meter. There are many ways to trigger the purge.
The following activities performed by players fill the Purge Meter

In the post I linked, their meter was already full and they expected a purge, but no purge came.

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