Does everyone use pistols?

John wick also uses only one pistol. One of the things I like about JW…


Naa, why would we want to do that?


Part of it is that you probably aren’t seeing the ones that are actually selling, just the ones that are sitting on the AH for 3 days and eating listing fees (plus the odd one that sits for 2 days at 1 million only to get bought by somebody who turns around and relists it for 1.5 million.) You presumably didn’t see the Wekesa listed for 500k who sold in a few hours (I did, but passed - still more than I’m willing to spend, and I main Pistols. 300k, I’d think about it - that’s what I spent on Andy, and I’m getting closer to opening up a second supporting slot.)

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Hadn’t really considered that. That gives me hope. I’ll keep looking, and offering to trade the one I got!

One Wekesa that I saw for 500k was bought by someone who immediately re-listed it for 999k and sold for that price within the day. Oh no, it wasn’t me, but I track the auction house. I realize 1 million isn’t going to be the long term price for Wekesa (because he is a mission reward), but it is a “reasonable” price for week one.

There are a few really big money players who will get what they want early on. Think 8 and 9 digit MoF millionaires. 1 million is spare change for these players and while the supply is low, they dictate the price depending on their demands. Look at the prices of the other South Africa agents. Dennis, Ann, Victor. A whole bunch of them just sitting at the AH for 500k. Most of them will never sell for that price because the demand is simply not there. Put a Wekesa on the AH for 500k and snap it’s gone.

But then it begs the question: Why is it ‘just’ the 7% pistol agents that get that sort of treatment, and the rest of the agents (of the exact same class) are left to rot away on the AH for 3 days at 200-300 K? Are pistol users more impatient? More likely to be whales? Is it, “Hey, if they are dumb enough to still be using pistols…maybe they’re dumb enough to buy the agents they want for a million?” :thinking:

It’s your original guess. Pistols are one of the most popular weapons across the playerbase. It’s likely that pistols are still a common choice among wealthy players. Like I mentioned, the demand dictates the prices. As long as there are buyers for a million, there will be sellers for a million.

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Not much consolation, I know, but I was able to snap up Wekesa for 300k last night. It’s doable, you just need some patience (to check the AH regularly, and wait for supply to increase and demand to drop) and some luck (to buy the agent you want before a flipper buys it to use as bait in a whale-fishing expedition.)

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Nice karma post. Just picked her up for 300K! Put my Ann up and hopefully someone will need and buy her for that price. If not, oh well. :blush:

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Actually he’s a “him” :slight_smile: Anyway, congrats! I think I saw the listing you jumped on, in fact.

Shrugs I just like making characters. And while I know that you can switch builds quite easily, I like to have characters with different weapons and playstyles. And to the game’s credit, most weapons are fun to play.

To go back to the topic, the only one I personally dislike, is pistols. Can’t quite put my finger as to why, but they juts don’t feel right to me.

Pistol animations are just way too slow for me, but there is one worse weapon… fist wrath attacks have so little impact that I can’t even tell when I cast them.

I reluctantly use pistols after never touching guns in TSW (except to give them each a fair shot before moving back to weapons I liked) because, when SWL hit me with silly mini games for managing weapons (and I couldn’t quickly grasp the blades gimmick during the beta), I picked two weapons it was safe to switch the gimmick UI off for: Pistols & Chaos.

I only remembered there were gimmicks in the last couple of days, as I was trying to parse the effects on some extraordinary drops which mentioned stats I don’t have or think about. Got me thinking maybe I’ll try some other weapons at some point. But yeah, it’s pistols for now.

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