Does Funcom allow undermap?

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if someone can tell me how long it takes for funcom to respond to a complaint?
I would also like to know if Funcom protects players and prevents cheating by penalizing cheaters.


Hello @AntonioTrochus, welcome to the forums.

The short answer is no, we don’t condone exploiting and we do our best to take action against players who abuse this exploit. We usually issue temporary suspensions for first-time offenders as a warning, but recurrence of exploit abuse leads to permanent suspension from playing on Official servers.

Response time and the actual time for us to handle an infraction report vary, depending mostly on the current backlog of tickets, which could have it take up to several days depending on the severity and urgency of the case.

For more information on infractions and possible sanctions for these, please refer to the following post:


Thanks for the info. I ask this because we have denounced this situation more than two weeks ago and we do not see measures by Funcom

What I read is understandable, but in this case the name of the server, the area, the type of violation, the members of the clan are indicated.
Let’s see … it’s as simple as entering the server and going to the area. A level 3 Altar underground is more than obvious proof.
What would be the time to carry out such a check? 1 minute

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About as long as it takes to actually read the TOS and understand it.
Did you “denounce” it via Submit a request – Funcom ?
There are a lot of people waiting on resolution for submitted reports, I am one of them.
Get in line please.


Of course, where else was he going to report it? At the consumer’s office?
I’m in line, don’t hesitate


Most people like to do it here on the forum and NOT actually do it via submitting a request as pointed out by @JJDancer. So, it was a legitimate question.


Do not use exploits and if you see anyone using report it, easy. On the other hand, people who normally play with exploits or haks buy many accounts, so if they are banned they have others (in fact there are some streamers (from a certain country) whose community donates money to buy accounts and haks (the haks and there are soulless who sell them)). That is why the issue of exploits and haks is impossible to be definitively solved.

I perfectly understand. That it is something difficult to combat is a reality. But if someone commits an infraction as visible as launching avatars from an undermap, where they have a base and tempos level 3 that look perfectly, it is something that the FUNCOM staff should solve quickly.

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Nice undermap y funcom… quiet.

You must report it to also you may put a screenshot of the map saying where is exactly

I think the solution here would be for Funcom to hire a few more moderators for their official servers. This is something the community has wanted for a long time from what I’ve seen.

I’ve sent a ticket to zendesk last monday about meshers and they responded positively on Tuesday asking for map location and assuring us of their ongoing investigation.

We haven’t seen the meshing clan leader and the trash talk box for 4 days and they used to be online everyday from 8am to 11pm.
One of his member using T pose exploit and meshing is still around tho.

Funcom’s reactivity to my ticket and mails was surprisingly fast so maybe they also investigated fast enough to already ban some of the cheaters ?


Thanks Rino, I have given Funcom all the information and more than 20 images of the event.
The offense is in the Obelisk of the Sumidero, easily reviewed.
Reported for 3 weeks by a colleague and from me 8 days ago

I think the same, TheHourMan, but so I guess funcom saves money even if they give poor service to the community.

Laure, consider yourself lucky … I update the report daily and I have only had one message where they tell me they have to see it.

In my experience from working on the “Receiving Cheater reports” side of things, you can report these things, they can be investigated, and bans can be put out, but if if it happens frequently enough, it is not “cheating”, it is a systemic flaw in the game and cannot be stopped by punitive measures. As developers, it is not enough to say “Don’t do X or else Y”, you have to simply make it not possible to do or else it will be done.

And if you look at the history of undermeshing in this game, they have tried punitive measures, but lack the personnel to enforce it. They have tried to fix it with anti-undermesh measures, and still it is done.

This tells us that a) it is systemic in how the game is developed; and b) they don’t know how to fix it correctly, or c) it requires too much redevelopment that it is not worth the investment of resources and band-aid corrections and punitive measures are all that will be taken. Honestly, it’s d) all of the above, IMO. It’s systemic, they don’t know how to fix it properly, and if they did, it would require too much investment so it won’t be done.

And that’s a wrap, IMO. If you don’t want to deal with undermeshers, you have to either play on a heavily-adminned server, or make your own. Because in PVP, anything that can be used for an advantage will be used, and undermeshing is exactly that.

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Right what you say, but at least PENALIZE the offenders.

Funcom when it wants, ban cheats … why not do it in the face of a flagrant case like this?

Because they’re checking and acting on cases that were reported before you reported yours, maybe? I don’t know how many people they have in their inquisition team, but probably not many. and if they have (probably) thousands of reports to go through, it’s going to take some time before they get to yours.

It sure is that, which means that Funcom has a resource problem that is easily fixed. Hire more people for such actions

In case your services are delayed you are giving a bad service.


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What a simple and elegant solution. This could be the key to making the world a better place. Just hire more people to fix problems. The first problem to be solved by this is unemployment. Yay.

Why don’t companies do this? I mean, the lines at the local supermarket would be shorter if they had 28 cashiers working at the same time instead of 14. Why don’t they? Why?