Does funcom listen to the community?

¿what will the community think?

Not likely, they will listen to the executives try to squeeze as much money from their customers as always :frowning:

Good thing this isn’t a vague question that has no useful answer! :wink:

On a more serious note, Funcom does listen to the community, but “listen” is not the same thing as “obey”. If you’re expecting them to do what the community tells them, you’re not gonna have a good time.

Although I do wish they would sometimes follow the community suggestions a bit closer, instead of going off on a tangent when trying to solve problems.


They do listen to the community and even engage directly in some cases.


Yes, they do listen. They don’t always follow our advice, but they do listen and make changes THEY feel are best for the game (see the December Producer’s Letter as a tangible piece of evidence where they are making changes based on community feedback).


Indeed. It’s like the old saying: “God answers every prayer. But usually the answer is no.”

Some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to how quickly any game company can react to player feedback. In some cases, such as the mounts system, it took Funcom a long time to even figure out whether it was possible to do what players wanted. Game companies don’t have a magic wand they can wave to make changes happen instantly.

Furthermore, it bears mentioning that players are not a homogenous group that wants the same thing. When making features, or changing existing features, a wise game company listens to their community for a long time to make an informed assessment of what the majority of players want, rather than what a vocal minority wants.

That is, of course, true for most companies out there. However, what do you think is the best way to squeeze money out of customers? That’s right, offer them something they want to buy. And how do they know what their customers want to buy? That’s right, by listening to them.



if any developer actually acted on what whole community wants and expects it would end-up suffering from split personality disorder with tourette syndrome on top


Yeah they listen.


Of course any answer here is subjective, but I feel they listen too often when it’s better not to, but yes, they listen and talk a lot to the community.

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Like lack of sheathed weapon display on character back which is an rpg industry standard, the fact that our bases look deserted and our crafters work with air 24/7. These details would add so much to the game if worked on, but are being completely ignored.
And now we can expect the maelstrom to look like a filter which lasts for 15min. Who asked for this?

No, they dont listen to us, they adjust mistakes that dont take well. but when it comes to ideas. no. they dont.

I hope you are being sarcastic when replying to Ceronesthes. If not, I completely disagree that this should be in any way considered a priority in the current state of the game. What they have to work on is the combat and AI.


Seriously? First off, FC has done so much for the RP community its crazy. All of the peripherals available…the various Furniture, carpets, trophy heads statues, the list is long. Same with the emote list, its long. If your base looks deserted, that is your own fault.


@JJDancer , You decorate beautifully, well done :+1:.
Now my dear friend @Triton30 I don’t know how long you are in this forum. I am only 15 months, but some persons that gave you a positive answer to your question are here maybe from day one. So all I can tell you is just listen to them because they have no reason to lie to you and NO(!!!) these persons are no white Knights or Funcom employees, some of them actually with their suggestions change the game. So once again, YES they listen, so from now on just be careful what you wish for :wink:.

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Hey, that’s just my opinion and what I would consider priority. :joy:


They listen, they listen alot… They also tend to +1 ideas instead of taking them as asked. XD

Some stuff… feels like it ignored… some ideas are bad, some good, some costly… some take to much time.

I also think, by far… they listen to us to much.

Know they don’t listen they completely broke the game on Xbox back in September of 2020 Xbox players asked for them to take back the update to the more stable version what did they do gave us more updates that did nothing you still can’t stay in official services that long to this day so here we are 6 months later with a unsable game

But yeah some of you are right they listen when money is involved

I give them hell sometimes, but they do listen. The better question is “Do they communicate the effect to the roadmap and future content very well when they do listen and make changes that some will not like?”.

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They 100% listen…

Action on the feedback…no… but they do listen…they stare blankly…nod…you feel like it worked…you walk away…then think…“I really dont think they’re going to act on that thing i told them are they”

Then someone on here says “pft, its you…not them” and then you fight them on it…get distracted and then you realise “damn…it…they didnt’ listen did they”

…now to add more chum in the forum waters.