Does funcom listen to the community?

I give them hell sometimes, but they do listen. The better question is “Do they communicate the effect to the roadmap and future content very well when they do listen and make changes that some will not like?”.

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It does make for a decent microcosm of the issue though. Funcom listens to feedback, and that feedback is very often “I want sheathed weapons displayed” even as nearly all of the core gameplay loops, raid mechanics and combat mechanics need serious attention. Perfect example of why it’s not enough to listen to feedback, you’ve got to be able to discern between feedback worth listening to and more important issues, which is a skill funcom lacks.

They 100% listen…

Action on the feedback…no… but they do listen…they stare blankly…nod…you feel like it worked…you walk away…then think…“I really dont think they’re going to act on that thing i told them are they”

Then someone on here says “pft, its you…not them” and then you fight them on it…get distracted and then you realise “damn…it…they didnt’ listen did they”

…now to add more chum in the forum waters.

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