Does in-game Customer Service or any kind of support still exist?

Wow… we have the exact same issue on Age of Conan. We have ppl now waiting for over 30 days on submitted tickets. It’s sad but true. I wonder if it’s the end of the line…

If I manage to get a hold of nirvelle I will ask him maybe if he can put out a statement or something. Whatever is going on doesn’t seem to be fixable in a bliss but at least some open communication would be nice.
The current state is consistent since weeks and it shows it’s negative impact around seemingly all games.

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@Nbnion The fact that it’s company-wide is actually a good sign, strangely enough. If it was just one game then it would show that Funcom doesn’t prioritized that game anymore, so likely it would be headed towards being shut down or at least put into maintenance mode. Hopefully, this is just an issue of being swamped by more tickets at one time than they were expecting and we’ll get back to normal wait times before too long. The other possibility is that Funcom decided to cut customer support staff as a money-saving measure, and that has a much worse outlook for the future. Whatever the issue behind it, Funcom needs to get it sorted before there’s permanent damage to their various player bases.

@Leogrim If you can somehow coax an official statement out of one of the higher-ups, that would be helpful. This is the kind of issue that really needs better communication. And it would be great to get a more honest statement this time around. The original announcement tried too hard to spin it in a positive light. A direct quote: “To be clear, most customer service interactions will remain unchanged”. That conveniently leaves out the possibility of substantially increasing wait times. I don’t really blame Christa for that. She’s probably just saying what management told her to say.

Nirvelle may not be the person in a position to make a statement though. Depending on how separated CS is, he may be able to poke them internally, but it’s technically not his department, so may be limited on what he can say publicly.

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At this point I think people would be happy with any feedback from Funcom.


Thank you guys for your support, much appreciated \o/ !

If it’s true that the maximum time they can store info about pur sells/purchase is 1 week, it means noone works on this game anymore. If they had anyone competent in CS they would be able to track how many times I did swear in private messages using mother tongue in December 2017. There is no way that such records could evaporate. It’s actually ridiculous. The fact that Community Manager works on updates link to post doesn’t look promising at all. He said “I fixed the Announcements…” hmm…

Thing that concerns the most is that Funcom did nothing to make his customer happy, nothing to keep me in game. Obviously subscriber = income. Also, two weeks ago I met one of SWL crew member in Rosenbrawl hanging out with other players, of course during, based on their website, GMs hours. Due to lack of in-game support I decieded to quit the game. It’s not the only one reason, let’s say it was final nail in the coffin.

All I want now is to get any reply from CS like “We will be online X day X hour, please log in so we can help you with lost item” or “It’s too late, apologize, we cannot help you”.

Yup, part of Andy’s role is running this discourse site, not sure what the problem is there tbh.


Fair enough. I don’t actually know who is and isn’t allowed to make official statements. But Leogrim can poke Nirvelle, and then Nirvelle can poke someone higher up. Even if it needs to be a poke-chain that goes all the way up to the CEO it has to start somewhere.

@TheAscendingOne Yeah, the fact that they don’t give out even a general idea of what’s being worked on is a bit worrying. Not just because we’re unaware of what’s coming up, but it leaves the door open to all the speculation that the game is basically in maintenance mode. Add that to the lack of communication about the customer support issue, and it’s going to have a tangible effect on how many people stick with the game.

Maybe it’s an issue of Funcom staff being stretched too thin. They obviously don’t have enough customer support staff to go around. But hey, I’m not going to knock Andy if he’s taking time from his other responsibilities to actually communicate with the players.

At the very least they should acknowledge customer petitions, even if they can’t actually solve the issue immediately (or at all).

The fact that @mRbL has waited a month for any kind of acknowledgement is pretty inexcusable. Not to mention extremely frustrating.

(Posted way later than I wanted to)

Well, I’m tempted to do the opposite, post here about your customer service.

Anyhow, Conan Exiles no longer has payed content which goes through Funcom. Due to issues with the Barbarian Edition content, (mainly) its T-shirts, it was recently discontinued.

There’s still various visual bugs on the forums which Andy really wants to fix, but he doesn’t have it working yet on my end at least so he’s busy getting over that every day now I imagine :sweat_smile:

As you said, Comunity Managers do not work on updates (or directly on financial support), they work on communication and platform management.

had to get another account cause forgot password to mRbL - -’

Anyways, after almost 3 months finally I got feedback - as “new forum member” I can’t post pictures and links so I will just type it here:

“GM Shaogens: Greetings, we are sorry to hear about the issues with the weapon. Any item sold to a vendor will show up in the buyback tab of any vendor, which allows you to purchase-back the item for how much it was sold to the vendor for. If you have sold several items since, or if the item was deleted, the weapon would unfortunately no logner be available to restore.”

I’ve heard that a lot of peeps got their missing items, even after 2 months of waiting and I got nothing, probably because I decieded to stop supporting the game with my mani. Looks like FC forgot I used to be a subscriber for over 1,5 year and treated me like F2P player which is trully disgusting. All hope is gone.

What can you expect from GMs that spend their time streaming SWL instead dealing with overdue petitions? :-/ My epic journey with SWL and FC ends here. Thank you, magnificent ppl I have met during this almost 2 year adventure. Love you all.

Sorry to hear that you didn’t get any help from Funcom. But the community managers that do the streams are not customer support. They used to be, but they’re no longer responsible for petitions and tickets.

That is their area of ‘helping the community’, both CS and CM exist and is needed, as separate enteties. One doesnt take away from the other.

I don’t want to argue with any kind of Guardians of Funcom cause it’s pointless. I wanted to update this thread cause I know there is a lot of peeps with same issue. Now they can see they will not receive any help from CS which actually doesn’t exist. If you sell your item or delete it as F2P player - rest in pepperoni, it’s over. End of story.

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This is concerning. I will do a bit of digging if I have the chance.

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Thank you for reply and moral support, mate, much obliged \o/ @TheAscendingOne
Yeah, I saw your post and I’m happy you got your item back but at the same time, the fact you got your lost item back and I didn’t drives me nuts. CS should treat every single player equaly. Also, if there was a rule that says you will never get your item back after selling to vendor or deleting, or if I was very frist person that made this oopsie, I would never be upset like I am atm.

In my opinion, if you are end-game player there is no point to be a patron cause you literally don’t get anything in return. More XP and AP/SP points when you have already all talent trees unlocked? More MoFs when you get, depeds on luck ofc, very expensive items after clearing NYR10 in weekly basis so you can sell them and earn like 250k mofs a week? I was a patron because I wanted to give my mani to FC just to support them. Just because I enjoyed the game. So yeah, I did learn the lessons and I will never spend single cent for any FC game, never. What is the point to support devs when they don’t support you?


Definite rules are detremental to the community. As soon as they would have these they would be bound to sticking to them…no more room for generous interpretation.
Example: If the rule was you need to have bought something or have active patron somewhen in the last month. You however are someone that bought every dlc before that month and stoppped patron after having it for a long while after reaching max ip and didn’T have it in the last month. Well…with the currently muddy rules they could be, yeah supports us lets get the stuff done, with strict rules they could only tell you “Sadly we can’t refund you your item” no matter how many times or in what form you ask.
They made the rules not defined so that they could argue in favor of the community member since they can interpret the wording very loose.

P.S.:That all said it is sad that the divide between f2p and supporting customers got opened in the first place. But that doesn’t change that the current wording is stretching the implementation as much in the favor of us the community as CS can do. They aren’t management or finances.

Well, I won’t pay 15 euro to get my item back. I don’t want to be a prostitute that pays for her service.


I like definite rules. They promote fairness. Having one person receive a lost item back and another person not simply due to GM “generosity” is unfair to me.