Does knocking out a purge thrall break the purge?


We were helping a buddy fight off a purge last night, but the purge broke after the first wave… Four nordheimer thralls appared and we killed all but one that I knocked out with a truncheon. That one didn’t get put on a wheel right away, we left it on the ground. After a few minutes, when the next purge wave never came, we killed the unconscious thrall, but still no more waves came. After another 5 minutes or so, our buddy got the message that the purge was over. So, could it be that knocking out a thrall spawned in a purge could cause the purge to get stuck?

This happens because FC doest test properly developed features/patches.

Take the T4 back to the wheel and the purge should continue (regroup) or (End) the purge considers all caught thralls as dead to continue its cycle. The purge will not upgrade (trigger next phase) if the T4 is just unconscious.

we knocked a purge thrall and the purge went smoothly (suprisingly)

Was fun to finally experience a functional purge I hope it does not break again.

There are actually named thralls in game that you can only get from a purge. It is a feature to do that, so make sure you get them on a wheel. Might get a good one.

The last purge I experienced, Duneman the Dragoon came with the purge, so glad I got one of those nifty purge only named thralls…unless you count the Duneman over by the Den.

Knocked him out and killed the rest of the wave he was in and another wave spawned in before I got him to a wheel of pain.

It must have been the last wave of your purge when you got the named thrall. OR there was another enemy/npc somewhere that you didn’t see and couldn’t get to you. Stuck behind terrain or something, so that’s why there was a delay before the purge ending because there should have been one more wave but couldn’t because you didn’t kill off the wave prior. - If that all makes sense.

For some reason purge waves sometimes enemies get stuck behind a rock or a tree or wander off elsewhere.


The thrall I knocked out was a level 1 fighter with a nice rack, on the first wave of the purge. We killed the thrall after about 3 minutes of no new wave. We searched all around for trapped or wandering purge thralls but didn’t find any. Based on that and what you guys have said, I now think there must have been another thrall stuck inside the terrain or something and we just couldn’t see or find it.

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