Does Membership Time Stack?

I want to be able to get the boxes, but my current membership has 3 months left. If I buy the 12 months, will I lose that 3 months or will it be added on (resulting in 15 months)?


It should be added … so you should end up with membership ending in 15 months.
But I advise you to check on this after you purchase the 12 month special offer … as I have read a report from a player that the time did not stack.
If you are buying extra time now to get the 12 chests ensure you select the offer from the Special offers menu or you don’t get them.

It should be added, that is how the system works.
However, you should take a screenshot of your account page and your current game time befor you buy the offer, because some people (including myself, a relative of mine and some of my guildies) ended up with just the added gametime after we bought a membership offer. Usually even if that happens Funcom will help you with that and give you your game time back. Nonetheless for Funcom to do that YOU have to realize you are missing days, months.

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I asked funcom support about this. They said no. It doesn’t stack. It’s a way to avoid scams and whatever. I don’t remember what they said exactly, but it doesn’t stack.

Then the operator that answered you was either lazy or misinformed. The time does stack. :wink:

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As I understand it the special offers do not stack … Eg can not buy the 12 month special and then buy the 1month special or more 12 month specials … perhaps this is what the Funcom employee meant.
I purchase the 12 month special with my current subscription expiring in April 2019 … after purchase the expiration became April 2020… ie the 12 additional months stacked on top of my current two months remaining.

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If you buy additional membership to Age of Conan, your account’s remaining paid time will be extended by that amount. In this sense, it does “stack.”

For example: If your account is already paid through April 2, and you buy the 1-month special offer for additional membership on March 5, your account will then be paid through May 2.

If you experience any errors with the game time re-calculating, or if you just aren’t sure you received the full amount of paid time, feel free to contact support through email and we’ll be happy to review your account for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Garrus-N7 - it sounds like you may have misinterpreted a GM’s answer, or they misinterpreted your question, because paid membership has always been additive in this way. I’m very sorry for the confusion.

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